I did it!

This morning, I accomplished something that I had originally thought I might not ever be able to do.  To some it’s easy, to others it may seem impossible, to me it was a bit of a dream… and I did it!

I ran 4 miles today.  I didn’t walk 1 step of it.  I ran.  Now, my running may not have been as fast as 3/4 of the other people in the race, but it was fast for me and it was good.  I started training for this race 5 weeks ago.  I can’t believe I met and succeeded my goal of finishing in under 60 min!  54:16 to be exact!

  • 4 1/2 weeks ago I ran for 5 minutes straight – I couldn’t believe I had accomplished running for 5 minutes!
  • 3 1/2 weeks ago I tried to run for 10 minutes straight, but only made it 9.  It was a huge disappointment for myself and the only one that I had in the 5 weeks.
  • 2 weeks ago I ran a mile for the first time in my life.
  • 4 days ago, I ran 2 miles.
  • Today I ran 4.

My husband has been so supportive and motivating.  He wrote me out a great training schedule and I stuck to it.  I’m still on my Runner’s High, I believe!

Just because I made this huge milestone I set for myself, doesn’t mean I am stopping.  I want to work on lengthening my stride and getting rid of my knee pain.  I want to work on losing weight, and I wouldn’t mind to keep up with the distance running.  I can’t believe I’m typing these words – because if you knew me in real life, you’d know this is crazy talk for myself!

If I can do it, anyone can.  Don’t tell yourself you can’t, because it is achievable!

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  2. Way to go!!!! That is a HUGE HUGE HUGE accomplishment! You are inspiring me! I seriously can hardly run for 30 seconds straight. It's really embarrassing. It's so cool to hear about the progress you made!
  3. Wow, congratulations! That's great. I'm impressed with how quickly you trained and were able to run 4 miles! Congrats again - that's a huge accomplishment!
  4. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! I was doing the C25K program, but now the humidity and heat is SO.HIGH in DC, it's going to wait until fall. So, I've been working out with Jillian Michaels and Leslie Sansone at home.
  5. Good for you! Seriously! Great job! I'm with you. I totally have never been a runner and this spring (at age 36), I started running for the first time ever. Got up to running 2 miles and then had to stop because of the crazy heat. But when the weather cools down, I'm going to start up again. It felt great!

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