Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper from Cucculuccia – #FluffyXmas Sponsor

Fitted Cloth DiaperCucculuccia is run by a WAHM in middle Tennessee.  She is a sponsor in my Merry Fluffy Christmas package and today I’m sharing my review of a Hybrid Fitted from her shop!

First, let me share a little about Jessi and her shop.  If you’re like me – you might wonder where her shop name came from!

What is Cucculuccia? It is an Italian term of endearment meaning “my sweet little cuddly one”, and it is my bella bambina that has finally motivated me to to dive headfirst into this journey of growth and learning.

I was introduced to Jessi through a blog reader, Beth {she’s been around a LONG time now, right Beth!?}  Anyways, I was more than happy to work with a WAHM who is semi-local – just a few hours west of me in Tennessee.  When I saw the cloth diapers that she’s began making on the Cucculuccia Facebook Page, I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to try one!

She surprised me with this GORGEOUS fabric!  I am seriously in love with this diaper – it’s so beautiful on Moreaya!  But the print is only the outside of the diaper, right?  We all know that cloth diapers can be cute, but can they function – that’s the important part!  Before we get into that, I want to explain this diaper in detail because it’s really unique!

What is a Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper?

The outside of the diaper {the beautiful outside, that is} is Lycra with hidden Polar Fleece and a Cotton Velour inner.  That makes the inside SUPER soft.  The soaker is 3 layers of heavy bamboo fleece topped with CV and backed with more polar fleece for an added moisture barrier.  This is what is unique about the Cucculuccia Hybrid Fitted.  Jessi sews in hidden Polar Fleece which makes the liquids actually repel from the outside of the diaper, as well as the top of the soaker.  This keeps your baby dry on both the outside and the inside of the diaper! 

So, essentially this is a Fitted and probably would require a cover if you were using it outside of your home, but I let Moreaya go around in it around the house and don’t have to use a cover {who wants to cover up that rainbow?!} for a good 1-2 hours without any wetness on the outside of the diaper.

As far as absorbency, I like the diaper for daytime use.  You could definitely stuff it very easily and use it for nighttime as well.  Moreaya is in a Size 1 and I found that I get a better fit by folding the rise down and using the smaller setting of the Size 1, which is advertised to fit 15-25 lbs.  Moreaya is just shy of 20 lbs and will definitely be able to wear this diaper for a lot longer.

This is my first experience with a Hybrid Fitted and I think I might be hooked – I love the concept and the functionality of a fitted that doesn’t completely require a cover!  The only thing that I would like to see on this diaper is the ability to crossover snaps, which would give me a bit more of a snug fit on Moreaya’s tummy.  Since she’s a belly sleeper, I could see a potential for leaks if the diaper wasn’t snug enough.

Cucculuccia makes 2 sizes right now – Size 1, that we have and a Size 2 that fits 20-35 lbs.  She’s in the process of adding Newborn Diapers to her store as well!

Buy It:  You can purchase a Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper through the Cucculuccia Big Cartel Store or get in contact with Jessi on the Cucculuccia Facebook Page – where you can see all of the great fabrics she has available!

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