How to Use Rafflecopter {for Readers}.

This is a short example of how to use Rafflecopter to enter giveaways, as a reader.  Later, I’ll share how to use Rafflecopter if you’re a Blogger.

Let’s break down what the Rafflecopter form looks like and how you can use it to your advantage {and win!}

The top of the form gives you the following information:

Prize to be Won.
How many Winners {x1 in this example}.
How many Entries there are so far.
How many Days that are Left in the Giveaway.

The middle of the form looks like this.  It is full of tasks that you can accomplish to earn Entries into the giveaway.  There is an option to make all, some, or none of the Entries, Mandatory.  If they are, the “I Did This” button will be in Green and the others will be gray, until you perform the Mandatory Entry.  {In this example, there are no Mandatory Entries.}

Notice the {once only} beside the HOW TO ENTER statement.  This means that these tasks can only be done once.  There is an option of Daily Entries, such as Tweets, etc.  {In this example, there are no Daily Entry options.}

Beside each Giveaway Entry option is a (+1).  This number represents how many Entries each Task is worth.

For some Entry options, you can complete the task directly on the Form, like the Facebook Likes, by clicking the Do It: Click Here.  On others, such as “Follow SEBG via GFC”, you will need to Click for Instructions, to understand exactly what is being asked of you for this Entry.

For some Entries, you will be asked to give extra information, other than your Name and Email Address.  In the Tweet About the Giveaway Entry, you are asked to Paste in the tweet URL.  {Not sure how to do this, simply click on the How do I find it? link for super easy instructions.}

The Entry options will be unique for every giveaway on SEBG and for every other Blogger out there.  Just make sure you read all the instructions on each Entry so you don’t get your Entry deleted because it is incomplete!

At the bottom of the Form, you’ll see the TERMS and CONDITIONS of the Giveaway.  Once there are Entries into the Giveaway {there are none in this Example}, you will see the person’s Name and what Entry task they completed.


Rafflecopter is still in the testing stages, so if you run into any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to raise them.  You can leave a comment on this post or email me at any time!

  1. I'm trying to enter some Rafflecopter give aways. Most of them with FB or Twitter are no problem. I get stuck on the onces where they say to use GFC. When I "click for instructions" all there is is a URL for a web site. When I lick on it, it just goes to that person's web site. I went to to try to join--I clicked on "get started" , but it seems like it's for people who _run_ a web site. I tried to leave "web site" blank, but it said it was required. HELP! Most of Rafflecopters GFC is required, but it seems a pain so far!
    1. I replied via email, but wanted to give a quick update here too, in case anyone else has this question! "You are NOT required to have a website/blog to have a GFC account. When you see a GFC Widget Box on a site, click "Join this Site". A box will pop up and if you have a Gmail account, simply click to link it to your Google {or Yahoo}. Then, follow those steps. Also, the other part of your question... if the form says to follow them GFC and it just leaves a link to a webpage there are 2 ways you can follow GFC. 1.} Find the GFC Widget {the box just like the one that's on my left sidebar}. Most blogs make them easy to find, some don't. It's annoying when they don't! 2.} If they are a blog that's hosted by Blogger, you'll see a few links at the top of the webpage that will read "Follow Share Report Abuse... etc.". Click on "follow" and then click to follow publicly! Good luck and enjoy entering {and hopefully winning} lots of fun blog giveaways!
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  3. I can't remember if this happened on your blog or somewhere else...but it's happened more than once with Rafflecopter. I've entered a giveaway (for instance, done the mandatory entry), and then come back at a later time to do some other entries. Most of the time, it remembers me and still says "Done!" and lets me do the other entries. But there have been a few times where it's disappeared. And I don't know what to do. I can't access the other entries without the mandatory one being done, but I don't want to get disqualified for trying to enter more than once. What should I do in that situation?
    1. I've read about this happening! First, I don't usually have a "Mandatory Entry" for that reason. All of the entries are optional... so do however many you want! :) Second, the reason that Rafflecopter remembers is because it's using your Cookies {or so I've read}. If you manually delete these or if your computer automatically deletes them periodically, this could be the reason. If you KNOW you've done the Mandatories.. I would simply leave a blog comment, like you did on here, and let the blogger know. They'll understand and can easily delete Duplicate Entries IF you're nice enough to tell them beforehand.

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