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How to Pack a Lunch Box Printable

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

Does packing your child’s lunch box cause you stress? It never will again when you let them become part of the process with this How to Pack a Lunch Box Printable.

Although I tried really hard to never have it happen, it happened. I raised two picky eaters. Now some days they tend to be more adventurous than others, but give them a choice and they’ll always choose Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunch. One reason is because they love PB&J’s, but the other reason is that’s really all the know to choose.

So why don’t I just pick what to pack in their lunch box myself? Been there, done that. Most of the time it works out fine, especially if there’s a protein + fruit spread concoction inside, but sometimes not so much. I got tired of seeing lunch boxes come back home with half eaten foods inside. That’s what sparked the decision for me to begin getting their input on what they would like packed in their lunch. Then it dawned on me… instead of me repeating their choices every single day, why not make a lunch box printable!?

This idea has saved me so much time, so much headache, and so much money! How? The girls sit down on Sunday evenings and pick out their lunches for the week. It encourages them to choose a variety, instead of the same thing every day, plus it let’s them know exactly what we have in the pantry. Then I take the list and see what they’ve chosen – if they want something that we don’t have, I add it to my shopping list for the week… keeping me on budget for groceries and from being in the store and just throwing different things in the cart because “the girls might like this in their lunch“.

Speaking of shopping, I like to do my school lunch shopping at Kroger. I find that they have a huge variety of natural products, far more than my other local grocery stores, and I love using our favorite pre-packaged food brands like Horizon Organic, in their bento lunch boxes. That’s also one of my best kept bento lunch box secrets. Using pre-packaged natural foods can help you save a ton of time when packing lunches.

When you’re packing kids lunches you don’t have to always do them bento style, but I do find that my girls tend to eat more when their lunches are packed “cute”. And athough it may look like I spent a ton of time packing this lunch box, I can easily pack a lunch like this in under 5 minutes, with help from How to Pack a Lunch Box Printable!

Not only are my girls eating their lunch better, they’re eating better. That’s because I choose the healthy foods that are on the printable, while still giving them a choice. It’s so easy to implement this idea for your children. Just click the picture below to print out your own.

Click the image above for a printer-friendly version.

You can make choosing their lunches for the week a part of your Sunday night routine. I give both girls their own colored markers and let them choose 1 item from each section. By following this printable, you’ll be able to pack lunches faster, more efficiently, save money, and be super happy when their boxes come back empty!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.