How to Make School Lunches Fit for Instagram [that are yummy too!]

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School Lunches with Horizon

I was bit by the “bento lunch” bug a couple of years ago. I saw so many adorable school lunches being shared on instagram that I just couldn’t resist learning to make them for my girls. Fast forward to now, after making bento lunches for a couple of years now, I’ve learned a few tricks that cut down on the time that it takes to put together a cute, “instagram-pretty” school lunch!

School Lunchbox

When I call them “instagram-pretty”, I’m poking fun at the fact that we tend to over-share when it comes to social media. Perhaps if I don’t post a picture of the cute lunch that I took the time to make for Sophia, it doesn’t exist?! No, of course not, but it is fun to share the creations! But here’s my little secret… a school lunch fit for instagram isn’t hard to make at all! In fact, I can make these lunches just as quickly as I can make a “plain school lunch” and today I shared just how I do it in a fun video on instagram!

I hear from so many other parents that “I just don’t have time to make those lunches” or “I don’t want to waste all the trimmings!” when I post pictures of my school lunches on Facebook and instagram, but now you know what to do with those scraps if you watched the video!

Horizon Bento Lunch

One of my best secrets for making our school lunches in a shorter time frame is by buying foods that I don’t have to cut or make smaller. It’s true of my girls, and I would guess most kids, that smaller foods are more appetizing, which is why you so often see bentos that have lots of food options in smaller portions. That’s why I choose Horizon Sandwich Crackers… they are already the perfect bento size and are full of real, organic ingredients.

Horizon Organic Crackers

On my latest trip to Walmart for lunch box supplies, I also picked up a box of Horizon Single Serve Milk Boxes.

Horizon Organic Milk

My girls love packaged drinks, but I don’t always want them to have juice boxes. The chocolate and vanilla organic milk boxes are an excellent source of protein and calcium, making them a great addition to bento boxes. That’s why I like having these shelf-stable milk boxes in the pantry for the perfect pairing in a school lunch or to even grab when we’re on the go.

 Horizon Organic Lunch Options

Neither of the girls’ can resist an adorable school lunch in their Horizon lunch box. Every day they use it, they get even more excited [ok, their Mom gets even more excited] for the Peanuts Movie coming November 6th! If you want to get excited for the Peanuts movie too, be sure to check out the movie trailer.

You’ve seen our favorites to include in school lunches, now I want to know…

What Horizon products are your child’s favorite in their school lunches?


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