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7 Changes to Help Kids Learn How To Get Good Sleep

We hear all the experts say get more sleep, but one thing that’s so important is how to get good sleep. Just laying down for 8 hours doesn’t always equate good sleep. Here are 7 tips on helping kids get good sleep that can also be applied to adults.

This post was inspired by a collaboration with Tomorrow Sleep. All opinions are my own.

How to Get Good Sleep

How many of us sleep without getting good sleep? I know I go through times where I wake up in the morning and think “there’s no way I slept 6 hours” because I didn’t get good sleep. It happens with children too!

While it may depend on their personality, some children just don’t get good sleep. Here are 7 tips or changes to implement to help your child get more restful sleep and if you’re in the same boat, they can apply to you too!

Buy a new mattress

While it may not be the first thing you think of, or want to do because of financial investment, it’s definitely where you should start. My daughter, for example, who is 7 had been sleeping on the same twin mattress since she was 1.5.

Her personality is definitely one of a “worrier” so she was relaying to me in the mornings that she constantly worried about sleeping too late… yes, she’s the child that’s up at 6 am even on weekends!

But we noticed when she slept in our bed, she slept better. While it could have been because she was near Mom, I felt like it might have a lot to do with her aging, somewhat uncomfortable traditional mattress.

We switched her to a hybrid mattress from Tomorrow Sleep and the difference in her sleep changed that very night. While, of course, she’s still an early riser, she tells me that she rests better and feels happier when she wakes up.

To learn more about our experience, be sure to read our Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress review AND you’ll find an exclusive coupon code!

Be active during the day

This is one that most kids do and us parents could take notes. However, especially in the winter months, your child might not be getting outside and being as active as they should. It’s definitely true that when your body is tired, you’ll definitely rest better.

Keep a bedtime routine, plus a consistent bedtime

This is one area that I feel like I have really done right as a parent [if you’ll allow me to toot my own horn for just a bit]! When my girls were babies, I always kept with a nighttime routine. Even when they would wake up in the middle of the night to be fed as tiny babies, we kept the lights dimmed and helped them realize night time was for sleeping.

The same goes for older children too. If you have inconsistent bedtimes or routines, it makes for a confusing time and sometimes a fussy time. My girls thrive on routine, like most kids, and really sleep better when our day runs like normal.

Wind down at night

One great activity to include in your consistent bedtime routine is a wind-down period. Whether it’s a warm bath or shower or reading a book, having a quiet activity before you turn in for bed is a great way to slow down your mind from the day and prepare it for rest.

Limit electronics and blue light

Experts say it all the time so heed their warning. Be sure to limit electronics and the “blue light” they emit before bedtime. The light is found to overstimulate the brain making it harder to fall asleep and get that much needed rest.

Watch their diet [caffeine, sugar late at night]

It might be common sense, but it’s so easy to overlook hidden sugar and caffeine in some food and snacks. This is especially true if your child plays sports and drinks sports drinks or has snacks after the game. Try to be more conscious of what they’re eating or drinking in the hours leading up to bed time.

Sleep accessories

Purchasing a new mattress isn’t the only way to change your sleeping conditions. There are other sleep accessories that can help too and many are available from Tomorrow Sleep such as memory foam pillows, black-out curtains, sleep monitors, and more.

As you can see, Sophia’s favorite sleeping accessory is definitely her memory foam pillow.

Actually, these tips aren’t just for helping kids to get better sleep, they can definitely be applied to adults too! By being mindful and making these easy 7 changes, you and your child can get to having more restful sleep in no time.


Sunday 31st of October 2021

Thanks for reminding me all these. It's like you know all that but you keep forgetting. I've been recently sleep training my daughter and it applied the routine also to my habits and it turned out - it's really working for both of us.


Sunday 27th of May 2018

Esstablishing a flexible routine and mindset is utmost important. Especially priotizing needs like sleep.