Homemade Easter Gifts

DIY Easter Gifts to Sew

I’ve been sitting in front of my sewing machine quite a bit lately.  Although I definitely still consider myself a beginner at sewing, I’m really enjoying diving head first into some fun projects!  One of the reasons that I wanted to learn how to sew is to make cute, one-of-a-kind gifts for my girls, so I decided that this Easter would be a perfect time to do so!


When I first saw these adorable Easter Bunny Softies on Pinterest, I immediately repinned them with an idea!  I had already purchased some fabric with a plan to make the girls a very simple Easter dress.  I picked out fabric that represents their personalities {and blue obsessiveness on Sophia’s part} for their dress.

I decided that they definitely needed a cute Homemade Bunny Plush to show up in their Easter Basket to match their dress – so voila!

homemade easter

But the thing is – these bunnies multiply.  Fast.  No, really they did!  They were too cute and pretty easy and fast, so I thought about the two birthday parties we are attending {both kiddos will be 1} on Easter weekend and thought I could add one to their gift.  Then I thought about 3 other special kiddos {one that will arrive in just about a week!} and thought they would appreciate a little bunny too!


Then I had a whole little stash of homemade Easter gifts for extra special kids in my life!

You can check out the original post and tutorial for the Easter Bunny Softie on The Crafty Cupboard blog.

After seeing the Easter cuteness, I was then inspired to try this cute Easter-inspired Pot Holder.  I’ve been needing a pot holder for awhile and planned on doing a scrappy one, but since I had some sweet pastel colors begging to be used… I did it!

homemade easter pot holder

homemade easter bunny plush

This was a super fast project even for a beginner like me!  It gave me some great practice sewing too and was my first “rounded” sewing project!

You can view the whole tutorial here, on the Miss Mary Sewing Classes blog.

I have one other homemade Easter gift in the works along with the girls’ dresses, which I’ll be sure to share in the next few weeks.  Until then…

Have you made any Homemade Easter items this year?  In previous years?

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  3. SUPER cute bunnies and I love that potholder, too! Way to go! My son told me this morning that he wishes I could have a sewing machine so I could make him stuff. ha!
  4. Cute bunnies! I have my grandmother's old sewing machine sitting in my extra bedroom. I should pull it out and try my hand at making one of these gifts!
  5. These are too cute! I'm going to check out the tutorial, I have some extra fabric kicking around - it would be perfect for multiplying bunnies!

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