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Sips and Snacks Party – Best Holiday Mocktail

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I am SO excited for the holidays! I’ve had my Christmas tree up since the day after Halloween and my radio tuned to the all-Christmas station for about as long. There’s just something about the feel of Christmas in the air!

That’s why I wanted to host a fun, small gathering for a few friends of mine, in the midst of the holiday spirit. As the holidays get closer, lives get busier so I wanted to take a couple of hours and slow down to sit and chat with my friends. We’re all Moms, so small parties like this where we get to focus on ourselves and adult conversation, truly seems to rejuvenate the soul!

And what better way to sit, chat, and connect than over snacks and drinks… especially with a holiday theme!

While I was grocery shopping at Publix, I grabbed everything I needed to make two fun charcuterie boards – one a theme of snacks and one for drink add-ins!

I love a fun bubbly drink, so it’s no surprise that I picked up festive cases of bubly®, Mountain Dew® Gingerbread Snap, and Pepsi®. I had the perfect idea in mind to create a holiday mocktail with the bubly and I’ll share that in a bit!

The snacks idea behind my “Sips and Snacks” party was inspired by my favorite Frito-Lay® snacks like Fritos®, Doritos®, and Tostitos®. I thought they would make the perfect centerpieces on a snack charcuterie board – and they did!

This is actually the first charcuterie board I had ever attempted. I love the looks of these boards so I couldn’t wait to attempt to make one! I felt like choosing a base of my family’s favorite tortilla chips and corn chips was an easy way to start.

Then, I added in some blocks of cheese, vegetables, and salsa. It all came together so nicely and was actually much easier to make and lay out than I was worried it would be!

In fact, I think my favorite part of putting together this Sips and Snacks party is that I was able to snack my way through the boards as I put them together!

It was also such fun to just snack and catch up with my friends around the boards. It’s a great, informal way to get together around the holidays, while still making it fun and exciting by having such a layout of great snacks and drinks.

Speaking of drinks – I had quite the spread there too! To keep the festive mood of the holidays going, we enjoyed Mountain Dew® Gingerbread Snap and bubly! Both were a big hit, with the fun Sips board add-ins, but I have to say that my Raspberry Lime Spritzer was the hit of the party!

The best part is that it’s so simple to make and the perfect holiday mocktail! With a base of a Raspberry bubly, you’ll want to add in crushed raspberries and lime slices, with a little squeeze! I love to serve this over nugget ice cubes too for that little extra special touch.

I also always love adding fun surprises into drinks so that’s where the Sips board came in.

You can skip a paper straw and use candy to stir your drink or even add in a bit of cucumber slices to really kick it up a notch. That’s the fun of these boards – there are so many possibilities. And I love sticking with a color theme like the red and green for the holidays.

Are you ready to create your own Sips and Snacks party? I hope I’ve inspired you to do get together with your close friends and family this holiday season to connect and enjoy each other’s company while also enjoying festive snacks and delicious holiday drinks!

Raspberry Lime Spritzer Mocktail

Raspberry Lime Spritzer Mocktail

This bright and fruity mocktail is SO easy to put together and is the perfect color for any holiday party!


  • bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water
  • Raspberries
  • Lime


  1. After washing raspberries, place a handful into a bowl and mash. This will give you a jam-like consistency.
  2. Put a spoonful of mashed rasperries into a clear cup.
  3. Pour bubly raspberry sparkling water over.
  4. Garnish with lime slices and a squeeze of lime!
  5. Enjoy


The best thing about this holiday mocktail is the variety! You can change the flavor of bubly for a new mocktail or the drink add-ins. Strawberries, blueberries, and even peaches make a great choice. Get creative!

Be sure to look out for all these great products to make your own Sips and Snacks charcuterie boards during your next trip to Publix. Happy Holidays!

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