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Today’s Holiday Gift Guide item is all about the little ones. If you give my girls the chance to do anything, they will always pick Arts and Crafts. Sophia, especially, wants to do some sort of craft every single day. She’s happy with simple or complex, as long as she’s creating.

Holiday Gift Guide Arts Crafts

That’s the exact reason I knew they needed the Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk as soon as I saw it. As of now, they mainly craft on their Mighty Kids Table and Chairs set, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a single desk. Both girls always want to spread their crafts and papers out, and often they want to do single projects, so I thought a single desk would be a great way for them to take turns crafting.

Step2 Art Desk Features

There were a few reasons that I chose the Deluxe Art Master Desk over a few other desk options from Step2. The first being the size – since I have a 5 year old and soon to be 4 year old, I felt like they would get the most life out of this desk. I also LOVE the storage features in this art desk – under the writing space, on the sides of the desk, and the multiple options to store markers, scissors, glue sticks, paint, pencils, and more!

Step2 Art Desk Close

 The Art Desk comes with a chair [that holds up to 75 pounds!], a working light, and the writing space not only doubles as storage for papers underneath, but is also a dry erase board. You’ll probably notice that our desk isn’t quite put together – that’s because it’ll be making it’s real appearance to the girls a little closer to Christmas!

If you’re like me and have little ones that love to create, then you’ll definitely want to add the Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk to your Christmas List!

What Arts & Crafts project would your child enjoy creating on the Art Desk?


  1. My son is quite a little artist! Right now, he's into making his own illustrated books and having me help him write the words out!
  2. My daughter's would be fighting over who got to sit at the desk ;) But when it's their turn, both of them would be working on pictures using as many colors as possible!
  3. right now my 3 year old is into his sticker book & coloring. he combines his stickers into his notepad & then draws images around them. I could see him doing this for hours with this table!!!
  4. What Arts & Crafts activities would your child do most sitting at the Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk? Anything that involves glue and glitter and more glue lol.
  5. My grandson would draw all sorts of nice pictures for his grandma and grandpa with this nice art desk for this Christmas.
  6. My four year old son loves to paint and play with his play dough, this would be a perfect area to contain his "creativity" it would help with clean up and learning organization! I would be very great ful if we won!
  7. What an amazing contest! What an incredible prize! My daughter would be SOOOO excited to see this desk underneath the tree on xmas! It would be so great for mommy and daddy as well - it keeps all of her arts and crafts in one very organized place.
  8. My son is just 22mo, right now he would just scribble and chew on crayons. Or probably use it as a pretend eating table, but this is such an amazing product that I know someday when he is old enough, his imagination could soar with all the possibilities this art table offers!
  9. My daughter is three now and has been practicing her circles. She loves to color every day, And this would be wonderful for her to use.
  10. I would lobe this my kids both spend all day making art projects and this would be so helpful for them this Christmas!
  11. My daughter love to draw her own comics and superheros and she loves to paint and give them as gifts during the holidays.
  12. My great-grandson is still learning about creativity at 20 months, but he colors, does puzzles and stickers and this desk would be a great place for that and more.
  13. My daughter is 3.5 and loves to do all types of arts & crafts as well as 'home work' that she gets from her PreK 3 class. Both of my girls would love this (age 3.5 and 16 months).
  14. My son would love to paint at this desk! Or probably also love to color on the dry erase board! Thanks for the chance!
  15. My grandson would love this desk. Our favorite things to do together is arts and crafts. We paint together ( finger painr , water paint ), we love to draw with crayons and lots of glue activities. Now he is learning to write so we do tracing the dots ti write his name.
  16. My 4 grandchildren just love to draw and color! They would so love this! I bought them the Step 2 easel and they love it! I could just see their faces to own their own art center!
  17. I have two grandchildren who would love this. One is 7, he is into painting right now. My granddaughter is 2 and she is into coloring books ( and coloring walls) so this would be a great gift for her ( and mom lol ) !!!
  18. my daughter, 4 is asthmatic- and has severe allergies, trees included, and an immune deficiency, she doesn't get much outside play without causing a lot of wheezing. We have to get very creative inside. It's very helpful that she's got such a big imagination, so tea parties, pirate ships, dragons, unicorns with princesses are all common in our living room, she's wanting somewhere to do her "homework," while she practices writing her name.
  19. my son loves coloring and would have plenty of space on this desk! i plan on doing an in home daycare soon and this would be a great place for kids to do homework!
  20. My daughter loves coloring with markers,colored pencils and she loves to draw me flowers. She absolutely loves arts and crafts and I can see her being able to produce great works of art in her future,but for now she loves draw flowers and cats and that's great by me! lol!
  21. the Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk would be fantastic for my grand daughter to do her school work. I love the many features that it has. It would be so nice when we start teaching her how to write her alphabet in a few weeks.

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