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4 Reasons to Use Hemp Cloth Diaper Inserts

Hemp material is a great option to use when cloth diapering and these are 4 reasons you should be using hemp cloth diaper inserts.

There are a lot of materials used in cloth diapers. Cotton, microfiber, minky, PUL… The list goes on and on. Today I’m sharing why I think hemp cloth diaper inserts are the best option and 4 reasons that support that claim!

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When I was using cloth diapers, the Babykicks brand was highly sought after for the same reasons that I have for using hemp. That’s because most of their products were made from hemp material.

Probably their most popular product and my all-time favorite hemp inserts were made by them. Their JoeyBunz hemp inserts were highly rated and well loved – both by me and by the masses of cloth diapering parents.

cloth diaper inserts

And I had, well, a lot. By stuffing our diapers with 1 microfiber and 1 JoeyBunz hemp cloth diaper insert, I was able to keep cloth diapering Sophia until she completely potty trained.

Once your child gets older and starts peeing more, microfiber alone just won’t cut it. That leads me to my first reason why you should use hemp cloth diaper inserts.

Hemp Inserts are Absorbent.

I have found that hemp cloth diaper inserts are just way more absorbent than any other material. Now, with that said, most hemp cloth diaper inserts are actually a hemp/cotton blend, so you’re getting the advantage of an absorbent hemp with a quick absorbing cotton blend.

For this reason, you can also find hemp fitted diapers. While hemp is absorbent, it will also feel wet to the touch, which is why these diapers are most often fitted diapers that require a diaper cover.

Here’s a post explaining all about the different types of cloth diapers.

Sometimes organic diapers can be a bit boring, since they’re often natural colored, but the snaps on Babykicks Organic Fitted Diaper make it a bit more fun and easier for Dads to know where to size the diaper [or at least it does for Rob]. Because it’s actually one-size hemp fitted diaper!

But, I don’t just love the diaper because of the colored snaps or because it holds a ton, although that is quite the selling point for me, I love it because it’s made of a majority of natural fibers! 

Hemp is a natural product.

One reason some choose to use cloth diapers is because we’re getting away from chemicals and hemp does just that. While most aren’t entirely made of hemp, it is a majority of the make up of hemp cloth diaper inserts and diapers.

Furthermore using hemp, instead of cotton, really is better for the environment. Hemp does not deplete the soil; in fact hemp leaves return nitrogen back to the soil, which improves soil fertility, therefore requiring less fertilizer for subsequent rotated crops.

Hemp cloth diaper inserts are trim.

Hemp is just a thinner material than most, especially when you account how absorbent it is. This makes it a better option for cloth diaper inserts for babies of all ages, but especially when babies get older and need more absorbency.

Since Sophia was only 9 months old, we’ve been using a fitted/wool combination at nighttime. Plain ‘ole pocket diapers just didn’t offer us enough absorption, even stuffed with hemp, because she was sleeping 11-12 hours at a time. 

We’ve successfully used that combination for almost a year now. Since I’m such a huge fan of Babykicks hemp inserts, when I saw the Organic Fitted, I just couldn’t wait to try it out! 

Since Sophia is completely potty trained during the day, we’ve only used this diaper at nighttime. I’ve stuffed it with an extra JoeyBunz and also used it with only the one insert that it comes with. 

I like stuffing it with 2 to simply reduce the wetness on the diaper all over, but even with only the 1 insert, we had no leaks through our wool, which I think is thanks to the Wool and an amazingly absorbent diaper.

Babykicks Fitted

The pictures above show just how trim this diaper is with the 1 insert.  It also shows how well it fits her. She’s about 23 pounds in these pictures and still has one snap left on both sides. 

I’ve also tried the Organic Fitted on Moreaya and it fits her really well, although, I do have to use a smaller/thinner insert in it to keep it from being too bulky. I prefer to use it on Sophia, though, since she needs more absorbency than Moreaya does right now. 

Hemp inserts are durable.

If you are planning to cloth diaper a child all through their diaper years, you need cloth diapers and inserts that are going to last. Hemp cloth inserts are durable.

They were the most used cloth diaper inserts in my stash, which means they were washed the most, and they held up great. They even made it through cloth diapering 2 kids!

Cloth Diapering Two Babies

After 5 years of using cloth diapers, hemp cloth diaper inserts are always at the top of my list when I tell parents what they need in their stash and now you know why!

My favorite hemp cloth diaper inserts.

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