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7 Healthy Herbs You Should Be Consuming Daily

This post was created in partnership with Traditional Medicinals. All opinions are my own.

We all know the healthy foods that we should include in our diet, but do you know which healthy herbs you should be consuming daily too? Here’s a list of 7 that you don’t want to miss!

healthy herbs you should be eating daily herbal teas on board

Most of us know what foods to eat on a daily basis to maintain good health. But herbs are an important part of daily health too and today I’m taking a look at 7 herbs that you should be consuming daily.

When I started researching healthy herbs and which ones I should make a priority in my daily life, I’ll admit that I became a little overwhelmed. I am good at eating fresh vegetables a few times a day and now I have to add in this many herbs to my diet too?! But incorporating these healthy herbs into your daily routine is a lot easier than you may think!

Why should you consume herbs?

Before we look at which 7 herbs are some of the most important to consume, let’s look at why we should be choosing herbs in the first place. While few doubt the amazing health benefits of eating fresh vegetables and fruit, herbs often get overlooked… but they shouldn’t! Herbs contain amazing nutrient and medicinal properties.

And while we often think about fresh herbs adorning salads and other dishes, there are other, even easier ways to consume healthy herbs daily like in teas, capsules, and within cooking.

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It’s always important to take care when you’re adding new things into your diet. Some herbs should not be used if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or if you suffer from certain medical issues so it’s always important to discuss lifestyle changes  with your doctor.

It’s also important to consume some herbs in moderation. While they are certainly great for health, excessive use of some herbs (such as rosemary, sage, sorrel and thyme) is not recommended.

With that said, let’s get to our list of 7 healthy herbs you should be consuming on a regular basis.


While cinnamon may not come right to your mind when thinking about herbs, it’s an important one for sure. It’s most often associated with flavoring foods, but it’s been used as a medicinal herb dating back centuries. It’s benefits are numerous and is definitely one you should be incorporating into your diet regularly.


Turmeric is an herb that I’ve started seeing pop up more and more lately and while I haven’t ventured into using the root in cooking yet, I have been making it a priority in my diet. The easiest way for me to incorporate many of these herbs is by drinking organic herbal tea from Traditional Medicinals.

organic herbal teas from Traditional Medicinals

Their organic Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger tea has quickly become one of my new favorites too! Turmeric, like cinnamon, is a medicinal herb that can also trace roots back up to 3,000 years ago, being used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This blend from Traditional Medicinals promotes healthy digestion and supports a healthy response to inflammation associated with exercise.*


While it’s easy to fit this herb in with turmeric in the organic herbal tea from Traditional Medicinals, ginger is one that you definitely shouldn’t overlook when it comes to healthy herbs.

Ginger Lemon Tea

Just like the others, Ginger has been used for centuries for alleviating digestive issues, as well as warming the body and promoting circulation.* I often try to include fresh ginger into dishes like curry and soups.


Peppermint is an herb that can be easily overlooked, but is another great option for soothing digestion.* I find that it’s one of my favorite teas to drink at night because the aroma is just so relaxing to me.

Traditional Medicinals herbalists take the quality of the herbs they use very seriously because as they share, not all mints are created equally. You can read here about how they source some of the highest quality organic peppermint from a pristine farm in Washington state to use in their Peppermint tea. You can really taste the difference!


Rosemary is an herb that not only has great health benefits, but great taste as well. I love cooking with this aromatic herb so much that I always have a plant in my windowsill so I have herbs ready to go at anytime.

rosemary herb in planter

Having a windowsill herb garden pays off in so many ways – I never have to worry about running out of our favorite herbs to cook with, plus they smell wonderful and bring in a bit of cheeriness even in the cool days of winter and spring.


When you’re talking about healthy herbs, you can’t leave out lavender. While I don’t often use the herb itself, I do love a hot cup of Chamomile with Lavender tea. This is definitely a cup of tea that you’ll want to enjoy cuddled up with a book before bedtime as it’s soothing, relaxing, and even calming.

drinking tea while reading book with blanket


Last but certainly not least is a healthy herb that you might not even think about – dandelion! Yes, I’m talking the little yellow flowers that are usually unwanted in your yard. Did you realize that every part of that pesky weed, which as it turns out aren’t actually that pesky at all, are edible?

organic herbal tea cup with herbs

Every part of the dandelion has some kind of wellness benefit, but the root is renowned for its ability to help support the liver and digestive system. The root’s bitterness helps to stimulate the taste buds, setting off production of digestive juices from saliva to bile. This ignites the body’s natural detoxification processes and helps the liver to flush wastes.* Source.

So while dandelions offer great wellness benefits, I’m not quite ready to scour my backyard for them, which is why enjoying a cup of organic Roasted Dandelion Root has become one of my favorite morning teas.

There you have it, 7 healthy herbs that you should start incorporating into your daily life, if you don’t already. And it doesn’t have to be hard or require cooking with exotic herbs and spices. Simply add a cup of tea into your routine to reap the amazing wellness benefits of these herbs. And even better, Traditional Medicinals teas are easy to find – you can pick up your favorite herbal tea blend at your local Walmart.

healthy herbs you should be consuming daily

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Sunday 16th of September 2018

Nice post, herbs are so good for well being, can help with flavour and in general is great.

Deborah D

Saturday 14th of April 2018

What an interesting and informative post. I learned a lot.

Susan Hartman

Friday 13th of April 2018

I like all of the above herbs and use them routinely except for Dandelion. I can't wait until herbs are growing again in my garden.


Friday 13th of April 2018

I love the herbs and have even considered starting to grow my own, to be healthier and a fun hobby. Thanks so much.


Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

Keep these spices handy in your spice rack to not only improve the taste of your meals but to keep you healthy, too. Generally, herbs and spices add some pep to any meal, and many come with proven heart healthy benefits and can even ease pain. Thanks for this wonderful post!