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6 Healthy Habits You Should Start Today

We all know that healthy habits lead to happiness, but changes can often seem overwhelming. That’s why I’m keeping things simple with 6 healthy habits that you can start today.

6 Healthy Habits

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So many times when people start to look for changes that they can make in their lifestyle to be more healthy, they go to extremes. I know I’ve done it… “Ah! I have to rid the cabinets of anything containing sugar!” Then, as I’m pulling out the boxes to throw it all away, I have the most intense sugar cravings ever. So, that wasn’t so helpful after all. Or how about the many times that I’ve decided I’m going to take up running again. I make it outside and jog a mile and get so sore from improper stretching or simply jumping into a mile that I give up after just a day.

When you try to make big lifestyle changes in a short amount of time, you’re setting yourself up for a bigger chance of failure. Of course, this isn’t true for everyone. My husband can take a winter off from riding his bicycle and then just up and decide he wants to go ride 15 miles one day. I’m convinced he’s a super human. I, however, am not. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. That’s why I’m sharing with you 6 healthy habits that you can start today. Really, today. You can make these 6 small changes today and stick with them for the long haul!

Take a Multivitamin

Eating healthy is so important and I want to do it, I really do. But to be honest, I don’t eat enough green, leafy vegetables everyday to get the vitamins and minerals my body needs. Although taking a multivitamin shouldn’t be considered a substitute for a healthy diet, it is a great way to supplement for what you’re not bringing in naturally.

Drink More Water Healthy Habits

You can find a vast selection of Nature Made vitamins and minerals at your local Walmart to help supplement your specific needs.

Drink More Water

It’s a no-brainer, but do you really drink enough water? Experts say we need eight 8oz. glasses of water a day. Unless you make a conscious effort to drink that much water, you’re probably not because it is a lot.

Here are a few tips that I have found help me drink more water:

  • Add a slice of lemon. Just adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice makes me drink so much more water. It’s refreshing and light and much more enjoyable.
  • Keep it cold. I enjoy water so much more when it’s super cold. In the morning when I’m packing my girls’ lunch for school, I fill a few water bottles with filtered water and put them in the refrigerator so they’ll be really cold when I reach for one.
  • Keep track of your water intake. After 3 or 4 glasses, I always forget how much I’ve really drank. That’s why a time-marked water bottle is a great idea to use too.

Walk More

Walking more can be as simple as, parking a few spaces farther away than you normally do when going into the grocery store. Keep the changes simple and you’ll be more likely to keep up the healthy habits. As you get used to walking more, you can add on extra steps like taking staircases instead of an elevator at the mall.

Get Enough Rest

Getting enough rest is crucial when you’re talking about your health. If your body is not well rested, it will not be functioning at it’s best and my guess is that your mood won’t be the best either.

Experts recommend turning off electronics [cell phones, televisions, and iPads included] at least an hour before you lay down to get the best rest. In fact, they suggest that you shouldn’t have these electronics in your bedroom at all.

Get More Sleep Healthy Habits

But, if you’re like me, they are in the bedroom and they aren’t always turned off an hour before bed. I’ve found that by supplementing my melatonin levels with vitamins from Nature Made, like these adult gummies, I am able to get more rest*.

Do Something for Yourself

Yes, yes, yes! What do you enjoy doing? Maybe it’s reading a book, baking, or even watching a television show that you never get to watch because you’re always doing things for everyone else. Take 30 minutes out of your day to do something you want to do. Your mood will improve and you’ll be more likely to stick with the other healthy habits you’re adopting!

Get Up Early

Perhaps this should be the first habit we discussed, but you’re already awake so save this one for tomorrow. Early to bed, early to rise. The early bird gets the worm. I’m convinced these old sayings have stuck around for a reason. On days that I wake early, I feel more refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the world.

Wake Up Early Healthy Habits

There you have it, six simple, healthy habits that you can tackle and accomplish starting today. Whether your goal is to get fit, get healthy, or just feel better – all 6 of these habits can help you achieve just that and by focusing on one day at a time, you’re setting yourself up for success rather than failure!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Rachel Jenkins

Wednesday 2nd of March 2016

I would love to learn more about a vitamin that boosts energy!!!

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