Healthy Afternoon Snack Ideas for Moms

We all know how important afternoon snacks are for kids, but what about us Moms? Don’t get caught in an after school slump, here’s healthy afternoon snack ideas for Moms!

This post has been sponsored by Arla. All opinions are my own.

One of the toughest times of the day for me is the afternoon. It’s time to start get in the 2nd school pick-up line of the day, time to start planning dinner, and getting ready to deal with two hungry kids who just want a snack and a break from school work. While I always am trying to come up with afternoon snack ideas for the kids, I realized that when I don’t have a snack, my afternoon attitude leaves something to be desired!

That’s one reason I’ve been stocking the pantry and refrigerator with healthy snack ideas for me. While the girls are totally welcome to dig into my organic blueberries, pretzels, and Arla Cream Cheese Spread, I totally picked it for myself.

Not only is the Arla Blueberry Cream Cheese Spread delicious [it also makes the perfect bagel topping in the morning!], even more important is that Arla products are free of artificial flavors, preservatives and added hormones*.

Now I not only make it a point to read the back of the label of foods I choose for myself and my family, but I’ve also started sharing that information with my girls. Sophia loves to tout “Mom, buy the organic version! It’s healthier!” and while that sentence makes my heart happy, I try to stop and explain to her exactly why it’s healthier and compare ingredients on the labels right there in the grocery store aisles.

Arla is encouraging families to Live Unprocessed and get the conversation going with your family too! Check out this fun video of how to explain this idea to your kids.

As you’ll see in the video, for this campaign, Arla asked a group of children to imagine and draw ingredients that are commonly found in dairy products, like Xanthan, rBST and Sorbic Acid. So I decided to do the same. I gave both of my girls a piece of paper and colored pencils and told them that some dairy products contain Sorbic Acid. Of course the first thing out of their mouth was “What’s that Mom”?!

I kept it open ended and asked them to draw what they thought Sorbic Acid would look like. I was amazed that they immediately thought it was bad. So bad, in fact, that Sophia thought it would have multiple eyes, fangs, a snake tongue, and lots and lots of hair.

Honestly, sometimes I think it helps to take a step back from the foods that we want to eat, or usually grab when we’re starting to get that hangry feeling in the afternoon and think about them like our kids would. If it’s an ingredient that you can’t pronounce or just sounds bad, we should probably avoid it!

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  1. Watch the Video.

  2. Leave a Comment on the Post with your favorite part of the video.

  3. Win!

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated and non-rBST treated cows.

  1. I like the part when you explain about how you add no additives. Most product manufacturers are not able to make that statement. Great products presented also......good presentation.
  2. I do love how they took something that kids should be aware of... weird added things in our foods... and made it down on their understanding level. It was a good video.
  3. I liked the clear colors and graphics they used throughout the video, the recipes at the end, and of course, letting children interact with the vocabulary, and show their thoughts about it. Kids are usually pretty cute with this kind of stuff!
  4. I love that it's just simple honest ingredients. "No weird stuff." I can't stand the idea of feeding my family food full of chemicals and dyes.
  5. I really like how the kid describes xanthum as something not good since it's not good for you!!
  6. Such a cute video. Of course the drawings were cute. The alien was probably my favorite and great way to explain a concept.
  7. The alien was pretty cute and hearing about the additives in our food was pretty informative.
  8. The concept of the ad is a good one. Everyone can relate to the unpronounceable ingredients list. The behind the scenes video gives good context to the ad. It seems like they put more effort into the video than I though when I watched the ad alone. I initially thought it was just all CG.
  9. I love the alien! He would totally grab my kids' attention and keep them interested in watching the video.
  10. That's a great video! It really gets the point across of additives in our food, but does it in a super cute, fun way.
  11. The Xanthan alien was pretty funny. Glad to know that Arla doesn't use unnecessary additives in their products.
  12. Loved seeing what the kids thought it was. their drawings before the video and then seeing the alien brought to life.
  13. I love cheese and love that it is all natural. The kids drawings were my favorite part of the video.
  14. I loved seeing the kids' imaginations at work, and I loved learning that those extra ingredients aren't in Arla products.
  15. I liked the beginning....the sandwich going up and down.....all slices of various food items...going up and down. Intreging.....for me.
  16. My favorite part was when the dog with no ears pooped up in the space ship. Very cute and creative in my opinion. Thank you.
  17. I really love that Arla Arla Foods is a cooperative that is owned by more than 12,500 dairy farmers.
  18. I love that this cooperative of farmers decided to make sure nothing artificial was added to the cheese.
  19. There isn't one part in particular I like but rather hearing all the different ideas kids had on what the different ingredients meant!
  20. I love how Arla doesn't use any of the extra stuff other companies do that is really just not needed. My favorite part of the behind the scenes videos was how hands on they let the kids be in every aspect of their little movies. Shows even more what an awesome company Arla is.

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