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Handmade Crib Bedding for Moreaya

I have definitely caught the sewing bug. So far, I’ve made cloth diaper clutches, Easter bunny plushes, a coffee cozy or two, and even a waterproof mattress pad – and those are just the projects that I’ve blogged about!

Handmade Crib Bedding - Rail Cover

I have a project list about a mile long, but one that got bumped up pretty quickly was crib bedding for my sweet Moreaya. 

You see, she’s a second child with an older Big Sister so pretty much everything she has are hand-me-downs. Not that she minds now, but sometimes my sweet girl deserves something special! 

Well, this project actually started out as a necessity but quickly became a special one!

Chewing on Crib Rail

You see – she got Sophia’s lovely espresso crib, but she is enjoying putting her own, um, marks on it! Sophia never bit on her crib, but Moreaya sure does enjoy it! 

So, I started scouring Pinterest for my next sewing project and decided to try my hand at making handmade crib rail covers!

I pretty much made my own pattern and design as I went… Measured how far I wanted them to go down, as well as the lengths. I wanted them to be reversible {sorry you can’t see the lovely gray chevron on the underside in the pics, but believe me, it’s gorgeous too!}. 

I chose two prints that go well with the gray walls and pink stripe in the girls’ bedroom.

handmade crib bedding

I added a bit of quilt batting to my crib rail covers to give them some extra cushion and tied it all together with black ribbon! 

It turned out beautifully and I smile every time I see the lovely handmade crib bedding that I made with my own hands for my sweet baby girl!

I had a bit of extra fabric of each, so I decided to make her a matching pillowcase. She’s almost 15 months and whenever she lays in our bed she always wants her head on a pillow, so I thought it was about time to introduce one.

handmade crib bedding pillow

She doesn’t quite use it for the intended purpose every night – but it looks gorgeous laying there, that’s for sure!

And I bet you’re wondering if Moreaya likes her handmade crib bedding and rail covers… aren’t you?

handmade crib bedding

She does!

This has been my biggest sewing project to date – what’s the biggest handmade project you’ve accomplished?

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