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Growing Herbs Indoors and How to Use Them

Herbs to Grow Indoors Pin

Growing herbs indoors is wonderful for those that love to cook and bake. If you’re new to herb gardening, you may be unsure which plants are best and what to use them on. The good news is there are some herbs that are easy to grow and are easy to use in your meals. Let’s take a closer look at what herbs to grow indoors and how to use them.

Chives Work Great in Potato Dishes

Chives are one of the best herbs to grow indoors. Not only are they easy to grow, but they keep growing. All you do is trim off what you need and let them keep growing. Think of this herb like grass. Chives are great for potato dishes, but work well anywhere you want a hint of onion flavor. For example, you can add chives to homemade salad dressing for a delicious onion kick.


Lemongrass Is Great in Marinades

Lemongrass is a must for those that want an herb that adds delicious flavor, but is easy to grow. You don’t even need soil. Lemongrass grows in water. When you shop for lemongrass at the store, find a piece that has a lot of stem and hasn’t had the base removed. All you need to do is trim the top of the herb and place in a vase with a couple inches of water. The plant does all the work. You will soon see shoots of new plants coming off the stalk. Lemongrass can be added to marinades and works extremely well in marinades for chicken and pork.

Rosemary Is Delicious on Roast Chicken

Rosemary is a must when growing an indoor herb garden. The trick for growing it indoors is to choose a variety that grows upright. Tuscan Blue and Blue Spire are perfect for growing indoors. Not only is rosemary delicious on roast chicken, but it’s also good in homemade bread and on roast potatoes. Best of all though, rosemary is a beautiful plant that can also serve as decoration.


Basil and Oregano Are Great In Italian Dishes

The key to growing basil indoors is to choose the right kind of basil. African Blue and Spicy Globe are the best varieties. When growing oregano you need an area that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. Again, variety counts. Greek oregano is easier to grow indoors. Both herbs are wonderful for Italian dishes.

Mint Is Great in Desserts

Because you have to use a lot of spearmint to get flavor, you want to opt for growing peppermint. Both varieties of mint are very fast growing and need to be planted by themselves to prevent choking out other plants. Peppermint is great in desserts, especially those that are made with chocolate.

One of my favorite ways to grow herbs indoors is in Mason Jars! I think they look so cute and they sit right on my windowsill above my kitchen sink in the perfect spot for watering and the perfect spot for gathering a twig while I’m cooking!


Growing herbs indoors is a must for anyone that loves to cook and bake. Herbs allow you to add delicious flavor to your meals without a lot of work and when you grow herbs indoors, you always have a supply of fresh herbs for your favorite recipes.