Take a Look at the New Green Toys Playsets

This post sharing new eco friendly Green Toys Playsets was inspired by my partnership with the eco-friendly company. I’m a Green Toys Ambassador because I support 100% Play.


My girls have been fans of Green Toys since they were itty bitty, even before they realized they were playing with eco friendly toys that are made in the USA. That’s because I made the choice to have the toys in their play room. Not only because they are “green”, but also because they look so fun and entertaining. Over the past few years their collection has grown from their first Tea Set to the Recycling Truck and even more recently to the Green Toys books.

But there was one thing I was told this Spring that was coming to the brand that I was totally excited about because it brought back some feelings of nostalgia… a Farm Playset.


If you grew up in the 1980s like me, you probably know the iconic barn that I’m talking about. In fact, it was still one of the most popular toys at the child care center I owned ten years ago! There was just something about that red, white, and green barn that called kids to it.


That’s the reason I was excited to see the Green Toys Farm Playset. It contained the iconic colors of a bright red barn, but with extras! While other companies still create playsets, you’ll find some major differences in the Green Toys versions.


When your child opens the Farm Playset they’ll find: 2 Farmer Cows, 2 Pigs, 2 Sheep, 4 Fences, Hog Shed, AND a Pickup Truck! I was really surprised at just how much came in 1 playset. With all these pieces, your child will experience not only character play, but vehicle and role play too.

Just like with other Green Toys toys, you’ll be happy to know that there are no glue, paint, screws, or batteries. That makes each piece of the playset dishwasher safe. While I don’t often find the need to wash the characters for my girls, you never know when those pigs might decide to roll in the mud.


I feel like the playsets are the perfect size for 1 child or perhaps 2 small children. Sophia and Moreaya enjoyed making a “village” with the Farm and Fire Station Playsets.



One of the first things Sophia said when she started to open the playsets was “I wonder what their names are!” referring to the Farmer Cows and Firefighter Cats. That was one of their favorite things about the Green Toys books because they learned more of their favorite characters’ stories. So I definitely know 2 little girls that hope there will be more books sharing the farmer and firefighter’s stories.


That’s another reason you’ll find Green Toys on our playroom shelves… the characters. Green Toys takes pride in the fact that not only are their toys made with 100% recycled plastic [mostly milk jugs!] but that they are full of character. The detail in the animals, the vehicles, and now the playsets is really remarkable, especially when you remember that they’re all molded out of recycled plastic and not painted.


Speaking of playroom shelves, one of my favorite features [as it will be most parents!] of the new playsets is the fact that everything fits inside, even the vehicles! This makes for easy clean up and storage.


It also makes for great on-the-go play because once your playset is packed with it’s characters, there’s a little handle on the top, which makes travel a breeze.


Although the playsets were launched in August, they’re still considered new as they are continuing to hit store shelves just in time for the holidays. They’re a gift that you can feel good about – they’ll get lots of play and love from the kiddo AND lots of admiration from the parent because they’re eco-friendly toys in eco-friendly packaging that their kiddos will love… and can clean up so easily!

If you’re looking for easy ways to go green in your family, don’t overlook the playroom. It’s a great way to introduce recycling and the choice to buy recycled products to your kids that they will certainly get excited about.


You can purchase the Farm Playset and Fire Station Playset on You can also find Green Toys on Amazon and other online retailers, and at some of your favorite local stores.

Green Toys is excited to give one of YOU the playset of your choice! Which will you choose for your kiddo?


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  1. I like the fire station. I am glad I found this site through you, thank you. I also love the dump truck puzzle. The prices are very reasonable for being green,recycled and made in the USA. I will be a grandma finally in February and will be buying some toys.
  2. My little guy would love the farm set. He LOVES animals. He really wants the recycle truck and the construction trucks set.
  3. the Fire Station would be my pick...with 5 grandkids, they all picked something different ...we had a jump rope , ferry boat, Seaplane, Helicopter, Construction Trucks Set !!!!!
  4. My grandsons would love either set as they love Fire-stations and Farms, also really love the Gift Set: Train & Storybook, so cute and thanks!
  5. It's a tough choice, but I think we'd prefer the farm set. We already have the ferry boat and school bus. I love how they don't have any metal to rust and they're super durable. Such a bargain! The submarine is on our list next!
  6. How cute!! We love Green Toys!! These new playsets are adorable!! My son would probably love the fire station the most!! I love their rescue boat and helicopter too!!

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