Green Kid Crafts: Summer Edition

Thanks to Green Kid Crafts for providing us with an eco friendly craft subscription box to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Y’all know how I love Green Kid Crafts, right?!  Well, I’m excited to share with you some crafts that have been keeping my girls busy this Summer!
Green Kid Crafts Summer

The latest box from Green Kid Crafts that the girls have received is Interesting Insects – and it’s been a BIG hit.  This box came with 3 pretty time consuming crafts, which are perfect for our family because it’s so much better when a craft lasts longer than 5 minutes, right?!

Within the box, the girls received a fun new chart to track their boxes from Green Kid Crafts – each box will now come with a sticker so they can see the crafts, at a glance, and remember what they’ve worked on.  Interesting Insects fit perfectly in our lives right now because Sophia just went to Bible School last week where the theme was “Weird Animals” – so both girls are all into insects and animals right now!

GKC Stained Glass Coloring

The first craft was one that Sophia requested to do on her own, so she colored the insects while Moreaya napped.  Although the coloring would have been fun, these insects were transformed into colorful sun catchers with a spray of water!

Spraying Water Green Kid Crafts

Sophia loved watching the colors spread and loved the transformation of the bugs so much that we decided to incorporate the water spritzing into making the Butterfly Wings too!

Green Kid Crafts Collage

This was the biggest coffee filter I’ve ever seen – and while it might not be used for coffee, that’s exactly what it looked like.  The premise is much like the Spring Butterfly Craft we made last year, but on a much bigger scale because the kiddos get to wear the wings!

I sing the praises of Green Kid Crafts quite often, but they truly do deserve it.  The quality boxes that you get in this subscription box service are superb and I love investing in a subscription box service that actually serves a purpose!  My girls love crafts and I’m simply buying crafts – which are already planned AND include everything we need, plus they get the surprise of a themed box and mail delivered to them – what kid doesn’t love getting packages!?

Right now you can save 10% off your entire order – this code will work on ANY purchase: single box, subscription, party kit… you choose!

You know that I love Green Kid Crafts, because, well, I tell you all the time.  But do my girls [2.5 and 4] really love it?

Happy Artists

I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Ok, so no I won’t.  They love creating and crafting and seeing their artwork displayed!  This was their reaction after they hung the sun catchers on the window behind them!

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  1. This is one of the better subscription boxes I've come across that's not geared towards babies! Love the sun catchers!
    1. Hi Laurie - this one is definitely not geared towards babies. I would say more of the 6-10 range. Moreaya can do some of the coloring, but she doesn't "get" the crafts at 2. Sophia just turned 4 and although she needs some help with most of them, she REALLY enjoys the boxes!

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