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Goodbye Damsel in Distress – I Am Now a Damsel in Defense

Are you worried about protecting yourself when traveling alone? The Damsel in Defense products will help you feel safer, stronger, and ready to protect yourself no matter the circumstance.

Damsel in Defense Self Protection Products

I was recently introduced to a company that I am really excited about sharing with you.  A friend that I went to high school with emailed me about her new business venture.  I’m going to introduce you to Brittany so she can tell you all about herself and the reason she chose to become an Independent Pro at Damsel in Defense.

I took a free self-defense course at a local gun range. Everything I learned in the class about crime and, specifically, assault- the statistics, the stories – they all backed up what I had seen going on around me already in my social circles and community. I came home and just….FELT different….confident, empowered. I felt like I had significantly increased my level of personal protection just from educating myself. That’s when it occurred to me – EVERY WOMAN needs to hear what I heard. Every woman should be educated, empowered, and equipped to protect themselves.

I started doing research on our area to see what was available to women, in terms of self-defense classes, and I found the answer: not very much. So, I looked for a solution. That is when I found Damsel in Defense’s corporate website, and I dove in like a bloodhound, ready to find out what they were about. 

Well, needless to say, they were exactly what I had envisioned – mission/education based, with supplemental protection and defense items straight from the source. An opportunity to teach something that is absolutely invaluable to women everywhere, and to help support my family while I am doing it.

Woman teaching self defense ideas in Damsel in Defense Party

Damsel in Defense is much like the Tupperware parties that you may have attended, they are in-home party and consultant based.  But instead of simply pushing the products to sell, the Independent Pros educate attendees.

Brittany came to my house and shared some staggering information with my party guests.

A sexual assault occurs once every 2 minutes in the United States.

College-aged women are 4 times more likely to be victim of sexual assault than other women.   Source –

Now, I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but those are staggering and really need to be shared.  The education that I took from our party was “be on the defense”.  Don’t wait until you’re in a situation to be defensive – look around, be aware of your surroundings.  One point that Brittany made that I loved was a perp is not usually not going to bother a woman that seems in control of her situation.  Look passerby’s in the eye, be in control.

Damsel in Defense Products

Damsel in Defense Stun Gun size compared to iphone


 We were all super interested in the stun guns… curiosity got the best of us!  Brittany showed us all the features and even let us hear and see one turned on… of course, we didn’t have any volunteers to test them, though!  I actually bought the Pack A Punch Stun Gun shown above because of it’s power, small size, and safety features.

Damsel in Defense Stun Gun

It’s not something I plan to carry with me at all times, but I know I have a defense if I feel like I’m going somewhere I need it.  Not only does it have a flashlight on the end {I’m thinking it’s perfect for camping trips and bathroom breaks in the middle of the night}, the wristlet has a super important safety feature.  Without the disabling pin inside, the stun gun will not work.  Two things that stand out to me – it’s totally safe to my girls as long as my wristlet is out of reach/locked up {although I don’t leave this lovely lady laying around just anywhere!} AND say you were fighting off a perp and they grabbed it from you… it wouldn’t work as long as that wristlet stays on your wrist!

Damsel in Defense Pepper Spray in Chevron pouch

I also bought their Pouch of Pepper Spray.  Now this is something that stays with me all the time.  And because it’s in the cute Chevron pouch, I have a bit more safety with it because it will not spray unless the pouch is opened.  This makes me feel a bit better about keeping it close all the time, but the girls already know to not touch it.  I keep it out of their reach, definitely.

Please note that the Stun Gun and Pepper Spray products are restricted in some states and are to be used by individuals 18+ only.

Now, I admit that I once would have shied away from both of these products, but it seems that crime is definitely on the rise, even in my small town.  I don’t want to say these products keep me a sense of security all on their own, but I do feel empowered to protect myself and my girls a bit more after the education on how to use them safely.

Damsel in Defense has a ton of other products that you’ll say “Ah ha! Brilliant!” about too…

Damsel in Defense Car Emergency Kit

 Junk in the Trunk and Stash on the Dash are great kits to keep in your car for safety on the road.

Damsel in Defense Self Protection Products

The Step Off Door alarm is a fantastic product to take with you into hotels.  It looks like a door stop and if a door is opened on it while it’s turned off, an alarm will sound. My Mom bought the Holla At Me to go on her key ring in case she ever needed a loud alarm to get others attention. The “Where’s Your Baby” Panda Bracelet is so neat!  A parent carries the device and the panda resides on a child’s arm or backpack. If your child wanders {or is taken} to far out of the range, the parent’s unit will begin to beep, alerting them that their child has moved too far away!  The Sock it to Me is a great keychain addition to give you a little extra umph if it came to defending yourself with your hands.

I just want to re-iterate that these products shouldn’t create a false sense of security, but the idea of Damsel in Defense – to educate women on how to better protect themselves is a message that I’m so glad Brittany shared with me and I get to pass on to you!

Brittany says, “We are very excited for the day when Damsel in Defense becomes a household name, because that means that women in every household will be safer.”

When it comes to protecting yourselves {and your children}, what would you consider your best Defensive Strategy? What Damsel in Defense products would best suit your needs?


Monday 4th of July 2016

Great Post To Read….

Certainly, nobody wants to be a fatality of an unexpected attack. But, there is another fact that one cannot stop their work and remain alert for a whole (24 hours) day.

I agree with Tony that we can get ourselves trained in self defense and keep a few self defense tools to save ourselves in the time of emergency. I have recently bought a stun gun with a flashlight combo tool for my collage going daughter for her personal protectio.

Hope people can understand better the meaning of self defense and killing. I liked your post a lot; it is really inspiring and motivating.

Good Share!!


Monday 29th of February 2016

Hi, all Nobody wants to be a victim of an attack. But we cannot stay alert for 24 hours a day. We can get ourselves trained in self defense and keep a few self defense tools to save ourselves in the time of emergency. I liked your post a lot; it is really inspiring and motivating.

Good Share!!

mimi ross

Wednesday 17th of December 2014

This is wonderful for all women who don't want to be a victim of an attack and be abused and to defend yourself! I'm glad I found this site to try it myself!

Jessica Sanko

Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

Damsel in Defense was introduced to me from our local town watch group. I missed the event, however, one of my friends decided to host a party at her house and invited me. I fell in love with the products and the company. I agreed to host a party and by the time I got home I signed up to be a Damsel in Defense Pro. I started February 18th and couldn't be happier. I never wanted to do ANY kind of sales I am a successful Executive Administrative Assistant for 20 years now. I am happier with my damsel business and hope to one day grow big enough that I can stay home with my family and work at what I love to do!!! Love that you wrote this up! The passion is what keeps us all going!

Julie Wood

Thursday 14th of November 2013

These are really great products to own for self defense. There is so much crime going on now, and if we have these devices it can really help us protect ourselves. I look strangers in the eye, and look around and are aware of my surroundings. It is so important to be vigilant against criminals because they strike without warning.

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