Glow Bug Cloth Diapers – Win a Stash!

Pocket Cloth DiapersI’ve reviewed Glow Bug Cloth Diapers on SEBG before a couple of times.  {Want to see what their reviews, along with ALL the other cloth diaper reviews – check out my Cloth Diaper Review Directory}.  They’re a fabulous brand and it seems that anyone that has tried them, has nothing but positive things to say about the diaper – including me!

This is my fourth Glow Bug Cloth Diaper – and probably my favorite print that I’ve received.  The flowers and coordinating butterflies are so pretty!

These diapers feature 4 rise settings, making it a OS that is advertised to fit 7-35lbs.  It’s amazingly trim, which is not always the case with a OS diaper that has that much of a weight range.  I’ve always found that stuffing the diaper with 1 insert gives us enough absorbency as any other pocket that we use.

These re-usable diapers also sport the much coveted, double leg gussets.  These are great for holding everything in and containing blowouts that some parents have to deal with.

What makes these diapers so unique is the way they’re sold from Glow Bug’s website.  The cloth diapers are sold in packs of 12 diapers, 24 inserts, and a coordinating wet bag.  You don’t have control over the prints, other than choosing Boy or Girl or Gender Neutral Colors.  They occasionally have a Special Edition diaper for sale, singly, but not all the time.  So, unless you need a full stash, these diapers can be a bit hard to come by.  But, if you do need to add a significant amount of cloth diapers to your stash – you should have no reservations investing in Glow Bug Cloth Diapers.  For the price and the quality, they’re a great diaper.

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers are currently totally out of stock on their Current Collection, but you can pre-order the NEW Collection with Free Shipping and they’ll be at your door in October!

Now, how would you like to win an entire stash of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers!?  I’m talking 24 cloth diapers here!

Glow Bug is the Grand Prize Sponsor of the Green Family Giveaway Event, so go Enter to Win Now!  Giveaway is Over.

  1. Glow Bug has a lot of co-ops that you can find via their website if you do want single diapers, and then you can pick the print! I just got an adorable print that way from their facebook group. I paid $15 (which included shipping) for a single diaper and totally worth it!

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