Give Green Joy with Green Toys

This post sharing how to give green joy with Green Toys was inspired by my partnership with the eco-friendly company. I’m a Green Toys Ambassador because I support 100% Play.


It’s that time of the year… the time where there seem to be two types of people. The first are those that are completely stressed out about their Christmas gift list and haven’t even started shopping yet and others like me, who know exactly what they’ll be gifting almost everyone on their list. In fact, I’ve almost completely finished my holiday shopping already!

No, I don’t have any super powers, but I do a majority of my holiday shopping online. I find that I usually get the best deals, plus it gives me a chance to look around at gifts that I think friends and family on our list will really like. It will probably come as no surprise that my favorite people to buy for are the kiddos on our list. From my girls to nieces, nephews, cousins and friends – we have quite the list of kids’ presents to purchase.


It also probably won’t surprise you that many of the kids will be getting Green Toys from me this year. It’s a brand that my girls have loved for years and with all the new additions to their line like books and playsets, there’s literally something for everyone on our list this year, including my own girls!

Christmastime is always a time for reflecting on memories and some of my favorite holiday memories are with my Mom in the kitchen. I always enjoyed helping her bake Christmas cookies. For that reason, I remember wanting my “own kitchen” so bad when I was little. When I found that play kitchen in our living room one Christmas morning after Santa visited, I was so excited. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I can definitely remember that red and blue cardboard kitchen and just how much I loved it!

Since my girls already have a play kitchen and because it’s one of their favorite ways to play, I decided this year we would add to their Green Toys kitchen collection. They’ve been begging to get into the already wrapped presents under the tree, so letting them have a couple of gifts early got a lot of smiles!


When I’m looking for presents for the kids on my list, including my own girls, I look for a variety of things before I make my decision. First, I obviously want to pick something that I know they’ll like, but when the present is for another child and family, I want to make sure that their parents will approve too!

Green Toys top my list for many reasons, but some of those include more than just “I know the kid will like it…” Because Green Toys aren’t just the best find for kids this holiday, they’re the best find for parents too. And parents can feel good about the toys that their child receives because Green Toys are made in the USA with 100% recycled materials and are completely safe for their kids. In addition, they’re dishwasher safe as well as being free from glue, screws, and paint… little ones can chew on them and a parent doesn’t have to worry a bit. That’s definitely on my mind when I’m buying for the younger kiddos on my list.


Attention to design and materials is just another way these toys stand out above the rest. Just like with a simple addition of the order pad in this Pizza Parlor set, which happens to be the girls’ favorite item in the set, with the pizza delivery box coming in at a close second. The result of these “extras” are what makes these toys inspire open, real, imaginative play.


Green Toys are made with 100% play so you can experience 100% joy this holiday season. And really, it’s all about seeing that pure joy on a child’s face when you give them that special holiday gift, isn’t it?!

You can purchase eco-friendly gifts for the children on your list at, as well as in a variety of retail stores. Check their store locator here.


To celebrate the holidays, Green Toys is encouraging you to #GiveGreenJoy. Not only will your children love these toys, but you can feel good about them too! From now until Sunday evening, you can enter to win a Green Toys Playset just by sharing a picture of your sweet little one that you’ll be gifting green joy to this Holiday Season!

Our Winner is Barbara Riffe!


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