Getting Design Inspiration for my Mom Cave from La-Z-Boy

Yep, I now have a Mom Cave.  Well, it’s kind of a “room that serves every purpose” room, but I’m claiming it.

Mom Cave

You see, the previous owners of our house added on a delightful, little sun room.  I say little, because it is.  The room is only about a 10’x10′ space.  But with all the windows and the exposed brick on one wall, it really is delightful!

Mom Cave

Since we moved in, over 4 years ago, the room has been changed a lot.  First, we used it as a breakfast nook.  Then it became our Dining Room.  Later, we transformed it into Sophia’s playroom.  Then it turned back into a Dining Room, and now it’s been transformed into an Office/Study room.  Seriously!  Thank goodness my hubby likes to re-arrange and re-decorate as much as I do, right?

Study Room

The Multi-Uses of my Mom Cave

1.  We keep this room blocked off with a baby gate {because of our cat’s food}, so it’s the perfect place for Sophia’s School Time table and Craft Activities.

2.  You’ll definitely find a few plants semi living in this room.  In the Spring, we set up a table and it becomes a little makeshift greenhouse.

3.  Clothes Line.  Yep, this is the room where I line dry any of our clothes and cloth diapers.

4.  Sewing Room.  Although my sewing machine is covered up and really never been properly used, this room is it’s home.

5.  Finally, the ultimate purpose of this room is studying.  My desk and all of my GMAT study materials are here so I can sneak away for an hour or two of studying and blogging everyday.

Study Room

Even though this room is a little small and is a multi-purpose space, I still claim it!  Rob and I have been discussing some design ideas for it, to make it a little more cozy.  We’d both love to have a reading/lounge type area, but then again, space is limited so we have to get creative!

I will admit that I’m not the most creative of interior designs, so I often go looking for help online.  I usually start by browsing Pinterest and design sites.  When we started talking of how to up the coziness of my #MomCave, we definitely decided on a comfortable, lounging chair.  The room isn’t big enough for a sofa or a loveseat, so a chair or recliner was the obvious choice.  So, how did I end up on the La-Z-Boy website?  The name is quite synonymous with chairs, especially comfortable recliners, so I started browsing their inventory.

Design Quiz

I was excited to see a Design Style Quiz on their site.  Like I said, I’m not the most creative interior designer, so any help I can get is definitely where I head!

In addition to the Design Quiz, La-Z-Boy also has an Online Catalog where I could see their Autumn and Winter Collection in use.  This is so important to me because I sometimes have a hard time putting pieces together.

Chair Design

I knew that a bold pattern would be the perfect addition to my Mom Cave and I was excited to see lots of fun, golds/burnt oranges/reds that would match perfectly!  I also enjoyed the fact that if I found a pattern I liked, it was pretty much available in any product that I could find.  It was easy, even for me, to picture the item in my room because the preview would change each time I selected a different color/pattern.

Chair Design

Rob and I had already pretty much decided that a smaller, bold chair would be what we would choose to start the design of the room, but something else in the online catalog caught my eye.

Mom Chair

Perhaps it was because it was titled “Mom Chair” or maybe because it just looked so cozy {and sweet}, but I’m definitely thinking that a Diana Supreme Comfort Twin Sleep Chair might just be in our near future!

Sleep Chair

I like the size and it looks super comfy.  I can already see myself curled up with a book!  But I also like the fact that it’s a sleeper!  We have a 3 bedroom house that is full, so no guest room here.  The girls now share a bedroom, their Play Room occupies another bedroom, and then the Master is ours.  So, if we were to ever need a place for a guest to sleep, well, they are kind of out of luck.  Although my Mom Cave isn’t exactly the most normal of guest rooms, it would be nice if we had that option.  Plus, it’s just a really pretty chair.

So I took my favorite La-Z-Boy pieces and got inspired to create my ultimate Mom Cave

La-Z-Boy Dream Mom Cave


I’ll definitely keep you all updated on my #MomCave and how the design turns out.  Now I want to hear from you!

Any of you lucky enough to have your own #MomCave {that doesn’t serve a million other purposes}!?

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  1. I love it design style quizzes. I always have a hard time describing my style and it typically changes depending on which way the wind is blowing! As much as I'd love to go with the grays that seem to be a huge hit right now, I always gravitate towards burnt oranges and reds.
  2. I'm with you. I am lost without design aids and guidance. I definitely know a great look when I see it, but creating from nothing - definitely not my forte. I love that La-Z-Boy offers so many ways to help design a space with confidence and support! The pieces you discovered are gorgeous and I know your Mom Cave, double duty or no, will be beautiful and relaxing! Thanks so much for sharing your finds!
  3. I do have a mom cave...or what was supposed to be a mom cave. It has my office, sewing room, craft totes and the kids have their own craft draw. Now I say it was supposed to be my mom cave but it looks like a playroom threw up in there. Oh someday it will be a mom cave though.
  4. When we moved into our house, I thought for sure the sleeping porch off our bedroom would be mine. That and I called dibs. Since our room is so small it is the only place our dressers will fit. It is still big enough for me to put a chair in there... one day.
  5. I want a mom cave. I have a multi purpose cave. Great fabric choices available. Will have to check la-z-boy out.
  6. I am so tickled to see that you and I both went for the Diana collection! I wish I could have seen it in the store, but they didn't have one on the floor.I did, however, see another chair in the pattern you like. It is SUPER cute!

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