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Gabb Wireless: Safest Kids Phone + Gabb Wireless Promo Code

Are you looking for a smart, safe option for your kids first phone? Gabb Wireless offers a smartphone for kids at an affordable rate with no games, no social media apps, and no contracts.

See why parents are choosing phones without internet and Gabb Wireless to stay connected with their kids, without encouraging phone addiction.

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I cannot even believe that my oldest baby is just weeks away from turning 11. She was just a baby when I started this blog and I’ve covered everything from her cloth diapers to her favorite toys to her favorite trips and even her favorite foods.

So it’s only right that I share one of the biggest milestones in a kids’ life, at least in this century, a kids first phone!

My husband and I had actually been talking about getting the girls a phone for about a year. They were both starting to go over to friends’ houses for sleepovers and spending a bit more time away from us. We wanted them to be able to contact us if they needed to.

So, we checked out a few options. The first option we looked at was adding a line to our plan. We weren’t totally keen on getting into a contract and we definitely didn’t want them to get a smartphone. So, this wasn’t an option for us at all.

Then we headed to a big box store to buy a prepaid phone. I was shocked at the price. I was told it would be $45 with unlimited talk, text, and internet. I told the lady that we weren’t interested in internet and she said it came with all the smartphones. So, that wasn’t an option.

Then I started reading Gabb Wireless reviews. It took me awhile because I really felt like it might be too good to be true. Could there really be a safe, affordable smartphone for kids? Turns out, yes, there is.

Let me share a few of the reasons we chose Gabb Wireless for our kids first phone.

Gabb Wireless only offers phones without internet.

This was the biggest deal for me. My girls don’t have social media and won’t for a few more years, at least. I don’t even want them to have the option to get on the internet when away from home in a personal setting [school is a bit different].

The Gabb Wireless phone is the only option for the service. It’s actually called the Gabb Z2 Phone. It comes preloaded with apps like – calculator, calendar, clock – but no option for adding others. There’s no app store, no games, no social media apps… exactly what we wanted.

It also LOOKS like a smartphone, which is great if your kids friends have iPhones and they don’t want to feel different. While we talk a lot about peer pressure and how it’s ok to be different, I’m conscious that kids do feel the need to fit in, so this is also a big plus for the Gabb Wireless phone.

The Gabb Wireless phone has GPS.

When you sign up for Gabb Wireless for your child, you have the option of adding the Gabb Wireless app on your smartphone. The app is really simple and only serves a couple of functions, but one of those could be life saving… GPS.

I am able to not only see how much battery Sophia’s phone has and ping her phone if it’s lost in the house, but I can see her location on a map! This was a huge selling point for me as the only reason we’re giving our children a smartphone is for safety.

Gabb Wireless offers unlimited texting and calling for an affordable monthly cost, with no contracts.

Gabb Wireless has the most affordable plan and smartphone for kids with no contracts. Let’s break down your options, which is easy, because there are only 2!

Gabb Wireless Promo Code and Pricing Info

You must buy the Gabb Wireless phone. There is no option to bring your own phone to the Gabb network.

The good thing about the Gabb phone is there’s only 1 – no other options. It’s a great smartphone for kids because it looks like a real smartphone, but no extra apps.

Normally this phone is $149.99, but you can use my code “LINDS” and get a discount!

The only choice to make with a Gabb Wireless is your monthly plan. Again, you can choose no contracts if you want to cancel or change plans, or you can choose a contract to save $$.

  • Unlimited Calling/Texting Plan – $24.99/month
  • Unlimited Calling/Texting Plan with ability to group message and send pictures via text – $24.99/month

Our family rules about our kids first phone.

While I feel like the Gabb Wireless phone is a much safer and better smartphone for kids, we do have a few rules in our house about the phone.

  1. No phones allowed in bedrooms at night. Each night, Sophia plugs her phone to charge in the family room.
  2. They aren’t allowed to call or text anyone that isn’t in their Contacts list. I approve family/friends that they can put into their Contacts.
  3. They aren’t allowed to answer phone calls from anyone who isn’t in the Contacts list. I made this rule because of the annoying spam calls/texts. They haven’t gotten a few of these already, but we’re just consistent on blocking those numbers.
  4. Mom and Dad pay for the phone, so it is their property. We’ve always told the girls that we have the right to go through their things if we feel we need to for their safety. I respect their privacy, but I also know the dangers of electronics so this is a family rule here.

As soon as I posted about giving Sophia a Gabb Wireless phone, I got a direct message begging me not to give an 11 year old a smartphone.

“Kids need to go outside and play, not be addicted to their phones all day.”

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement and so does Gabb Wireless. That’s why they’ve created a smartphone for kids that can give you some peace of mind [GPS, calling, texting] without the addicting qualities of games and apps.

In fact, a couple of weeks after Sophia had her phone she said, “Mom, I’m surprised. I haven’t really been on my new phone that much.” I looked at her and said “Good! That’s exactly what I wanted!”

And in case you’re wondering, Gabb Wireless doesn’t just have to be for kids. Gabb actually says that a lot of people buy their phones for older adults because they are simple and straightforward.

Don’t forget to use my code LINDS at Gabb Wireless to save BIG on the purchase of your kids first phone!

If your kids are younger, or you’re looking for another option, be sure to check out my review of the Gabb Watch. It’s been the perfect first phone for our younger daughter, Moreaya.


Wednesday 8th of February 2023

Gabb is great if you like spam calls,calls from outside the contact list, along with texts and various other problems to which Gabb's answer is always, ''we can give you a new phone number." We bought the Gabb phone thinking it had the same protections as the watch. It does not.

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Friday 8th of October 2021

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Ron French

Wednesday 19th of May 2021

I have a gabb phone for my child, I love it, but need to change the number. Is that possible and how do I do it?

Noah Bloedel

Monday 13th of December 2021

@Ron French, I would go to Gabb Wireless, and go to the customer support. They should to my knowledge be able to change your number. I also have a gabb phone.