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Gabb Wireless Watch + Gabb Watch Discount Code

Are you looking for a Gabb Watch review? You’ve found one! In this post I’ll share all the details about the Gabb Wireless Watch to help you decide if it would make a good choice for your child.

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A few years ago, when my oldest daughter, Sophia, started to go to friends’ houses for playdates and the occasional sleepover, we looked at getting her a phone. First we looked at just adding a phone to our current cell phone plan, but decided that was a little more than we wanted to pay.

Then we looked at getting a prepaid cell phone, but was shocked to see those prices, as well. We ultimately chose a Gabb Wireless phone for her and have been super happy with it. But we weren’t quite sure our youngest daughter, Moreaya, was ready for a phone.

Moreaya unboxing Gabb watch for the first time.

That’s why I decided to give the Gabb Wireless watch a try for her. Before we get into my Gabb watch review and what I think about it, let me share with you some specs and key features about this watch phone.

Gabb Watch Features:

  • The watch can make and receive phone calls. [But only 10 pre-approved contacts.]
  • The watch can text and receive texts. [But again, only to approved contacts AND messages are pre-written].
  • The watch can send emojis and voice messages.
  • The watch will NOT receive any outside texts or phone calls [outside of contacts] – HUGE safety feature for younger kids.
  • GPS tracking [able to track where watch is + add safe zones]
  • Lock Mode [making the watch safe to wear to school with no distractions]

We’ll get into some of these features in detail as we go through the watch phone review, so keep reading!

Gabb watch with magnetic charger.

One thing to keep in mind with all Gabb products is that they are used on their own network. You cannot buy this watch from Gabb and put it on your AT&T or Verizon account. You purchase service directly from Gabb Wireless and the monthly costs vary depending on if you choose a contract.

Gabb Watch Prices are:

  • Gabb Watch costs $149.99.
  • 2 year contract – $14.99/month
  • 1 year contract – $14.99/month
  • Month to Month (no contract) – $14.99/month

*If you use code LINDS, you can get a discount on the watch! Save $25 off a Gabb Watch – even with NO contract!

One of the biggest reasons I chose the Gabb watch over the phone for my 9 year old was the wearable factor. She’s not quite ready to keep up with a phone, whether at home or outside the home, so I love that she can actually wear the watch so it’s not as easily lost.

There is only one size of the Gabb watch [although the smaller version, the Gabb Watch Lite is set to start shipping soon] and it comes in only 1 color – black. You can purchase a few different Gabb accessories like Style Bands to change the band color of the watch and even a screen protector.

And JUST ANNOUNCED are these awesome Star Wars Gabb watch bands! They retail for $29.99 each.

Star Wars Gabb watch bands

It’s shown to be very durable for us, as well. Moreaya isn’t really hard on things so I can’t tell you just how much it will withstand, but it’s been bumped and dropped a few times with no problems. It is also sweat resistant so we haven’t had any issues with active play in that area either.

I also loved the extra control I feel like I have with it. While she is learning and gaining more responsibility as she nears pre-teen years, she IS STILL A KID, at 10 years old. I like that I have complete control over who she can call and text.

I am able to adjust these settings within the Gabb app on my smartphone. I can add contacts for her, as well as add up to 20 pre-written text messages she can select from. The watch comes loaded with some already, but she lets me know if she wants me to add any, also.

Aside from being able to text the pre-written text messages, she can also text emojis… which she does… a lot. She can also record audio messages to text to me, which is very helpful when there’s not a pre-written text that fits what she wants to say.

I also LOVE the GPS feature in this watch. I can easily check her location from my Gabb app on my smartphone and feel at ease knowing she’s where she’s supposed to be. This was such a huge feature and why she wore her Gabb watch when we went to Universal Studios just a few weeks ago.

There were a couple of rides that her and her sister were in line for that I didn’t join them and it was nice knowing that I was in constant contact with her while they waited.

Checking out all the tech on her new Gabb watch

Moreaya has had her Gabb Wireless watch for a few months now so we have both become very familiar with it and how it works. I’ll admit that she knows how to use it much better than I do, even within just a few hours she knew all about the pet game on the watch. Think of it as a Tamagotchi style pet game. I still don’t fully understand what she does with it, but she does and likes it!

Moreaya does wear her watch to school and we have had zero problems with that. I am able to lock the watch from my Gabb app on a schedule or on demand. That means her watch can only be used to call her Guardian, which is me, in case of an emergency.

And there’s no worry with calls coming through from her other contacts or even spam or stranger calls because those are blocked when the phone is locked [spam and stranger calls are always blocked – the watch only allows calls from her approved contacts].

The battery life of the Gabb watch is pretty good. She can wear it for about 2 days with semi-regular use on 1 charge. But we’ve tried to get her in the habit of remembering to put her watch on it’s charger nightly so it will be ready to go in the morning, fully charged.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Gabb watch has it’s own phone number attached to it. This isn’t like a smart watch that will sync with a phone, this is a phone alternative. I feel like it’s best suited for kids ages 6-10, which is what Gabb recommends, although it’s definitely up to the child and their needs as to whether the Gabb watch or Gabb phone would be a better fit.

At 10 years old, we are sticking with the Gabb watch for Moreaya for at least a little while longer. Again, I love that control of knowing NO ONE can call or text her outside of her approved contacts. I get so frustrated with spam calls and texts and just don’t feel like a 10 year old would handle something like that.

I feel like the Gabb watch is best suited for kids who are actively involved in extracurricular activities, who are spending a little more time away from home, and who are looking for some independence when it comes to calling and texting family and friends. I think it’s an excellent step towards introducing some tech into their world without opening all the doors too soon.

If you want to learn a little more about the technical aspects of the Gabb watch, I encourage you to read this review as they discuss a little more in-depth about the watch and how it works.

If your child isn’t quite ready for a safe smart phone like the Gabb phone, the Gabb watch makes a great first phone. And don’t forget to use my Gabb discount code LINDS to save money!