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Gabb Phone Plus Review – The Newest Phone from Gabb Wireless

We recently upgraded our kids to the Gabb Phone Plus from Gabb Wireless for a few reasons. Here’s why, plus I am sharing a full Gabb Phone Plus review after using it for 3 months.

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First, let me preface this post by saying my girls have been using Gabb products for 2 years now. We have been paying customers of Gabb and I am not being paid to write this review.

The first Gabb phone that my daughters started with was simply titled the Gabb Phone. It’s actually called the Gabb Z2 phone, if you’re looking into that option.

It worked so well for both of my girls, who shared it equally. Then, we decided to add a Gabb Watch into the routine for my youngest daughter to primarily wear. I simply didn’t think she was ready for the phone yet.

We kept it active for about 6 months, but then went back to using the Gabb phone exclusively. I really feel like the watch is more practical for younger kids, probably around 5-9. My youngest just turned 11, so going back to the Gabb Phone felt like the right choice for us.

Although, I really feel like the Gabb watch might be my favorite product in the whole Gabb Wireless family. If you have younger kids and are interested in the phone watch, be sure to read my full unpaid review of it too!

We began researching kid safe phones when my girls started getting old enough to go to friends and also when they started after school activities. I wanted a way that they could contact me no matter where they were.

This post may contain affiliate links. By purchasing through these links, I may make a commission. Thank you for your support.

If you have also looked into phone options for kids, you’ll know that they aren’t exactly cheap. My husband and I were hoping to get a cell phone that was paid by minutes, but those don’t exist anymore – showing my age here!

We ultimately landed on Gabb Wireless and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Call and text capabilities
  • No internet
  • No social media apps
  • No games
  • GPS capabilities
  • Looks like a smartphone [plus with the kids!]

That’s why we chose Gabb Wireless. But I bet you’re wondering why we chose to upgrade from the Gabb Phone to the Gabb Phone Plus. Honestly, it was just my curiosity. The Gabb Phone worked fine for my 11 and 12 year old, but since the new phone came out, I wanted to compare the two in a Gabb Plus Phone review. So, here goes!

Gabb Phone vs Gabb Phone Plus

At first glance, the Gabb phones are very similar. The newer Gabb Phone Plus is just a bit slimmer and has a screen just a touch larger than the Gabb Phone. The Gabb Phone Plus is also a real Samsung phone, which my 12 year old liked.

Apps available on Gabb Phone Plus

You can also see that the phones home screen and apps look relatively similar. Both phones come with some apps pre-installed like: Calculator, Calendar, Call, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Files, Gabb Music (subscription required), Photos, Message, Settings, Video.

The Gabb Phone Plus does have a couple of extra apps like Notes and Gabb Cloud. The radio is no longer on the Gabb Phone Plus, as your child will likely prefer the Gabb Music app, but more on that below.

Additional Apps Available for Gabb Wireless

When we first got our Gabb Phone 2 years ago, the apps that were pre-installed were the only apps the phone could have. Now, Gabb is introducing parent-controlled apps like: Weather, Biblical and Religious Book Studies, Sora, and plans for more. You simply log on to the Gabb parent dashboard and approve which additional apps you want your child to have on their phone.

I hope you’ll notice what apps are NOT on the Gabb Phone Plus, just like with the Gabb Phone. There is no internet browser. There are no games and no social media apps.

While choosing to let your child have a phone with games or be on social media is absolutely a personal choice for a family, I am so happy that there are phones like Gabb Wireless that provide my child with a way to contact me without those extras. We’re simply choosing to not use those for our family yet.

Gabb Music

Gabb Music was a big reason that I wanted to upgrade my daughters’ phone to the Gabb Phone Plus. It is available on Gabb Phone now also, but more unique features like the Gabb Music Plus will only be able to be used on the Gabb Phone Plus, when it becomes available.

Gabb Music is a clean music streaming service that you can feel safe letting your kids listen to. There’s nothing worse than when I ask Alexa to play a song and it’s the unedited version. That won’t happen with Gabb Music. All the songs [over 1,000,000 to date] have been curated for this service and are kid-friendly.

We currently have the Gabb Music subscription on the Gabb Phone Plus, which costs an additional $4.99 a month. It allows 6 “skips” of songs in 1 hour. The Gabb Music Plus will work more like an on-demand streaming with no skip restrictions and is supposed to be an additional $9.99 when it becomes available.

Does the Gabb Phone Plus have GPS?

All Gabb products do have a GPS locator, which can be accessed by the Gabb parent account. Within the Gabb parent app, I can see where the phone is located or it’s last known location.

Gabb Phone Plus cover and accessories

One thing I definitely want to point out is the fact that you can purchase Gabb Phone Plus covers and accessories on Amazon because it is a Samsung phone.

Be sure to search for Samsung Galaxy A10E on Amazon to get the correct fit for the Gabb Phone Plus.

How much does Gabb Wireless cost per month?

It’s always the number 1 question for a good reason. How much does the Gabb Phone Plus cost per month? Let’s take a look at how much the Gabb Phone Plus costs, plus the monthly subscription service and any additional services you might choose.

The Gabb Phone Plus retails for $199. While it seems like an investment at first, think about that compared to an iPhone or other smart phone. It’s definitely more affordable and since it’s my kids first phone, I feel better with them learning responsibility of phone ownership with a more inexpensive phone.

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  • Gabb Phone Plus – Retail $199 [no contract]
  • Gabb Phone Plus with 1 year contract – $179.99
  • Gabb Phone Plus with 2 year contract – $159.99
  • All plans are $29.99/month, no matter contract length.
  • Gabb Phone Plus comes with Gabb Guard, which is a spam filtering service and is $0.99/month. Right now, I can’t find a way to take that off, so it is required.

Additional, optional subscriptions:

  • Gabb Music – First 30 days free, after it is $4.99/month
  • Gabb Warranty – against spills and drops, $4.99/month

Gabb Phone Plus and Gabb Wireless FAQs:

+ What’s the difference between a Gabb Phone and the Gabb Phone Plus?

I feel like I’ve tried my best to answer this question in my Gabb Phone Plus Review. Honestly, I feel like you get the same capabilities out of each of the phones. There are only 2 things that stand out to me of why someone would choose the Gabb Phone Plus over the Gabb Phone: Gabb Music Plus and the fact that the Gabb Phone Plus is a Samsung phone.

+ Can Gabb phones connect to Wi-Fi?

Yes, they can. The Gabb Phone Plus does need to be on Wi-Fi for the Gabb Music app to work. But they do not have an internet browser or social media apps.

+ What Samsung model is the Gabb Phone Plus?

The Gabb Phone Plus is a Samsung A10E.

+ What service provider does Gabb Wireless use?

Gabb Wireless runs on Verizon cell phone towers. You can check to see if the service is available in your area on the Gabb Wireless website.

+ Can you Facetime on Gabb Phone Plus?

No, you cannot. I would love to see this option, but then again I feel like it might become a safety issue, which is why Gabb hasn’t added it.

+ Can parents add apps to Gabb Phone?

Yes, just like with the additional apps I talked about the Gabb Phone Plus. Right now, those apps are:

  • Weather
  • Bible Study
  • Gospel Library (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
  • Torah Study
  • Quran

The Gabb Phone Plus also supports the Sora app, which is the free Library app that most schools use.

+ Do you have a Gabb discount code?

Yes, I do! You can use code LINDS to save $25 on ANY Gabb product, including the Gabb Phone Plus.

Gabb Phone Plus Review

Now, to get to my review of the Gabb Phone Plus. It works very well, just like the Gabb Phone. We haven’t had any issues at all. The phone holds battery well, but I will admit that my daughter has it turned off more often than on because her school requires phones to be off during the school day.

As with all Gabb products, I do find that the GPS locator isn’t perfect. But I believe it’s accurate enough that it is a plus to have on the phones.

I encourage you to also read my Gabb Phone review because, honestly, these phones are pretty much identical, except for the few things I’ve already shared that are different – a couple of different apps and the opportunity for Gabb Music Plus.

After my daughters having the Gabb Phone Plus for 3 months, I would say that there was really no reason to upgrade to this phone. I feel like the Gabb Phone is just as good as the Gabb Phone Plus. Although, I did really like that I could buy an inexpensive Gabb Phone Plus case on Amazon.

All in all, I feel like both Gabb phones are worth their price, but for the $50 difference, I would suggest going for the less expensive Gabb Phone.

We have been Gabb customers for 2 years now and will continue to be for quite awhile longer. I really believe in the message that Gabb perpetuates and am encouraging my kids to just be kids instead of worrying about cell phones, internet, and social media. If this is the stance your family is taking, I think you’ll be quite pleased with Gabb Wireless and Gabb products.

Don’t forget, you can use this link or my code LINDS to save $25 on ANY Gabb product!

Be sure to read my other Gabb review to understand the differences in the products and which one I would recommend depending on your child’s age and what your ultimate goal with your kids first phone.