Four Stages of Swaddling

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I received product in exchange for this post about the Four Stages of Swaddling.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Summer Infant Swaddle Baby

Is there anything lovelier than seeing a beautiful, new baby swaddled up so comfy?  Perhaps it’s because my mind goes back to how much better my girls rested as newborns when they were swaddled or perhaps it’s because it seems like it’s been so long since my girls were ever that little!

It seems that swaddling babies is pretty common knowledge to parents these days.  The nurses at the hospital taught us how to swaddle both of the girls and I know for a fact it helped them sleep so much better, especially in those first few weeks of life.  For that reason alone, I’m a huge promoter of swaddling which means if I get invited to a Baby Shower – you can about bet my gift will be some type of Swaddle Blankets!

Swaddle Me Collage

Summer Infant is taking swaddling to another stage… make that 4 stages.  They’re making it easier for parents to successfully swaddle their babies at all stages of infancy!  With 4 stages of swaddling, parents can rest assured that they’re using the most developmentally and age appropriate swaddle styles for their baby.

Stage 1: SwaddlePod [5-10 lbs] Recreates the comfort of the womb.  Keeps baby on his/her back.

Stage 2: SwaddleMe [7-20 lbs] Wrap baby securely for a safer, better sleep, until baby learns to roll over.

Stage 3: SwaddleMe WrapSack [7-20 lbs] This is a transitional swaddle sack that allows for placement of arms inside or out of the swaddle.

Stage 4: ComfortMe [12-24 lbs] A wearable blanket that keeps baby warm and replaces loose blankets in the crib.

In addition to providing parents with quality swaddling products, Summer Infant prides themselves in knowing they’re making Swaddling Resources, Tips, Tricks, and Safety Guidelines easily accessible to parents too.

You can purchase Summer Infant Swaddles on their website or at a variety of Summer Infant retailers – both online, like at, and in stores.

Did you or do you plan to swaddle your baby?


Summer Infant Swaddles Giveaway

One lucky SEBG reader is going to win all 4 stages of Summer Infant Swaddles!
This giveaway will end on May 31st.  It is open to US residents, 18+ only.
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  1. My son & daughter-in-law have a new baby and they are swaddling. There is just so much information and parent commentary that shows that it is beneficial.
  2. Thank you for your giveaway, Would love to win these beautiful Swaddling blanets for my first Grandson arriving at the end of July.
  3. I remember trying to swaddle our babies now I have to try to remember hwo to do it for our grandbaby that will be here shortly,looks like I my be getting some of these instead!!!

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