Fluffy Friday: Wool Dryer Balls from Wooly Rounds

What type of insert do u think is more absorbing? Like hemp, bamboo, fleece, microfiber, etc?  – Tasha

Hemp.  Hands down.  Hemp absorbs the most urine for it’s size/thickness.  I often think of it like this.  You would need about 3 microfiber inserts to do what 1 good hemp insert can do.  Although, hemp does have it’s downfall.  It absorbs more slowly.  If you have a little guy or gal that pees a lot all at once, you can have leaks with hemp, especially if your diaper doesn’t fit perfectly.  The best combination for this situation is a microfiber insert on top of a hemp insert.  The microfiber absorbs fast and the hemp will take over when your microfiber is full.
Bamboo, to me, is about as absorbent as microfiber, but it’s a more natural fiber, which a lot of Mama’s prefer.  I tend to lean towards microfiber because it’s cheaper.  But rem
ember, microfiber is never to be put directly against your baby’s skin!  It will dry them out.  On the contrary, natural fibers like hemp and bamboo can both be put directly against their skin.
Lastly, fleece does not absorb urine.  It’s a great stay dry barrier.  Fleece is a great accessory in cloth diapering.  Just this past week, I was battling a diaper rash on Sophia and used my homemade fleece liners to not only protect her diapers from diaper cream {even if it’s cloth diaper safe, it’s best not to put it directly on the diaper} but also to protect her bottom.  The pee goes straight through the fleece and keeps her bottom dry and helps fight off those rashes!

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Speaking of Cloth Diapering Accessories… one of my favorite Accessories is Wool Dryer Balls.  As you know {or you should}, dryer sheets are a big “No, No” when using cloth diapers.  But, when I quit using my dryer sheets, I felt like something was just missing in my laundry routine… believe me, it wasn’t static, though!  I’ve tried a couple of different brands of Wool Dryer Balls, even made my own, but now I have found my favorite out of all of the above.  Wooly Rounds!

First, let’s discuss why they’re my favorite and then we’ll get into Wool Dryer Balls and why you should take the plunge.  I’ve been using these dryer balls for about 2 months now.  It was important to me to actually use them for a significant amount of time before I reviewed them because I’ve had issues with some of my balls in the past.  One of the dryer balls that I made myself actually started coming unraveled after a month or so and some of the others I have, have gotten a bit wonky shaped and very ugly.  Sound silly?  Well, it is, but they almost look dirty when they get lint balled up on them.  Let me show you a picture to compare Wooly Rounds and Brand #1.

You can obviously see the build up of lint balls on the Wool Dryer Ball on the left.  Yes, that dryer ball has been used a lot more than the Wooly Rounds, but there’s a major difference in the texture of them both.  Wooly Rounds seem to be completely smooth.  They are felted in a way where they are not going to unravel… no way, now how.

One thing that may make some of you a bit sad about Wooly Rounds is that they don’t come in scents.  I’ll admit, I love scented dryer balls but the scent literally lasts about a month.  It’s a real disappointment.  I even tried re-scenting my own and the scent didn’t even last 2 weeks.  So, skip the scents and go straight for quality.

Now… why should you start to use Wool Dryer Balls?

  • Naturally softens clothes
  • Reduces static and drying time
  • Wooly Rounds are Handmade with 100% wool sourced from a historic mill in Maine

Don’t expect static to just disappear when you begin using Dryer Balls.  I have finally figured out the secret to getting rid of static… get your clothes out of the dryer as soon as they are dry!  Seriously.  My dryer has a Time Sensor that doesn’t always work and I have noticed that if I put my clothes in the dryer to “fluff” them back up and get rid of wrinkles, the static is much worse.

I can’t say exactly how much drying time these Dryer Balls save me as I’ll admit, I don’t pay attention.  But, I do know that my clothes are dry before my Wash Cycle is over.  Actually, the dryer beeps when the Washer is about 1/2 way through a cycle.  Before I began using Dryer Balls, they ended at about the same time, so I’m guessing I save about 30 minutes on a regular drying time load.

With the addition of 6 Wooly Rounds, I now have 11 bouncing balls in my dryer.  Well, that’s when Sophia hasn’t grabbed her Jingle Ball or when they haven’t hitched a ride in my sheets {the only drawback of Wool Dryer Balls, in my opinion.}  There is no way I’ll ever go back to Dryer Sheets!

Buy It:  You can purchase Wooly Rounds from their website for $7.00 each.

Although I was sent a complimentary set of Wooly Rounds for review purposes, I was not paid/enticed to write a fabulous review for this product, all opinions are expressed are 100% mine! You may view my full disclosure policy, here.

  1. I want to win the Wooly Rounds Dryer Balls because I spend too much money on dryer sheets & I know the chemicals in them aren't great either. Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com
  2. I have heard how wonderful dryer balls are and would love to try them out.. my diapers are in need of some extra fluff!
  3. I haven't tried these. I've heard a bit about them lately and have wanted to try them out. frugalmommieof2 at
  4. I have 3, but that is not enough. I would love to add some more so I always have enough in the dryer. I love using them on everything and it really helps with static.
  5. I've tried making my own but they traveled and got all tied up with the clothes. I would love to try some real ones.
  6. I have never tried dryer balls, but I'd love to. I plan on trying to make some. I love knitting, but sometimes I messing up and end up wasting a few yards of 100% wool. So, I'm planning on making dryer balls, but I'll see how that works out.
  7. I want to try dryer balls (my old dryer kinda sucks,) but haven't gotten over the sticker shock of the good ones yet. I'd love to win this to help my cloth diaper laundry go faster!
  8. i've tried them and i love them! i tried making a couple, but i don't think they were tight enough, so they didn't really make any difference. Then got a couple better ones and it seems to help. I would love a couple of "real" ones!!
  9. I have 3 dryer balls and love them.I have heard if you have more,they work better,though!I would love to win these b/c of the lack of lint on them!
  10. I haven't tried dryer balls yet, but am really interested in trying them because I'm expecting our first baby and plan on cloth diapering
  11. I haven't tried dryer balls yet. During the summer I use the laundry line, but I always just shrugged off the winters because I thought the dryer was my only option. I didn't know about dryer balls cutting down drying time or allowing me to dry on a low temp without running the dryer for 4 cycles. I plan on trying them this upcoming winter.
  12. I have been wanting to try these out but have been worried about static. We live in a cold climate, and in the winter, even dryer sheets often can't keep up!
  13. I have 2 that I got from Hip Mountain Mama that I love. And I have 2 that I've made myself. The 2 that I made myself have definitely started pilling badly, while the ones from HMM have held up fairly well. I love my dryer balls, and I would love to have more! Especially some that are as well made as these!
  14. I started using the Nellies dryer balls about 2 years ago. I like that I am not using dryer sheets, but I still notice static etc... and would love to try a new option.
  15. I was thinking about making some of my own...(I posted a question on your DIY tutorial a couple of weeks ago) but after reading this, I'm thinking just buying them would be better. And winning them would be even better!!! :)
    1. Did you get my response? I added it on the blog comments, but I think it turns out, they weren't being emailed back to you.
  16. I just started using dryer balls about three months ago and I love them. They still smell like lavender and have definitely decreased my drying time. Plus, they're very pretty! :)
  17. I have a couple of dryer balls, some that are great and others that are so so. I don't have any that are scented and would love to try some that are scented!
  18. I've been using dryer balls for about 6 months now and I love them! ...but so does my cat. I could always use some more. :-)
  19. I haven't yet tried dyer balls but I've really wanted to for some time as I hear great things about them!
  20. I've tried the plastic dryer balls, but they left the inside of my dryer blue after a few washes! I'd love to try these wool ones instead.
  21. I have 2 wool dryer balls and love them! I think that they really do help cut drying time and they're great to use with all our laundry (especially the cloth diapers). I would love to have some more to add to the dryer!
  22. I have tried wool dryer balls, I actually purchased some from the lady you recommended in a review/giveaway before and like them i just really need more!
  23. I have not yet tried dryer balls, but I really want to. I CD and want to avoid using any more dryer sheets in the dryer.
  24. I haven't tried dryer balls yet but I would love to, I am always waiting for the night time diaper to dry so I can put my son to bed.
  25. I have found that they do reduce drying time and static, but I wish the scent lasted longer. madelinemiller at gmail dot com
  26. I just purchased some dryer balls and am experimenting. I would love a few more and to be able to compare and buy a set of the best for my mom for Christmas.
  27. I have not tried dryer balls but I would love to. I am trying to save energy by using the dryer less and apparently these little wool balls can help me accomplish that goal.
  28. I currently have 1 wool dryer ball that I love and 2 plastic ones that I dislike. I want to replace the plastic ones and need more wool balls than 1 so I would really like to get some more for my dryer! Thanks for the giveaway!
  29. I LOVE my dryer balls.. unfortunately so do my kids.. I am always having to go reclaim them.. They have lost three of mine, and I need to replace them!! :o) I like the scented ones too, but like you said the scent never stays, and I find that the scents I like no one else does.. so unscented is better!
  30. I have never tried these, but I would love to have them for a more natural approach to laundry for my baby who's on the way!
  31. I have 5 wool dryer balls (2 of which have started to unravel) so I'd like to get more. Love them and never use dryer sheets anymore.
  32. I have 8 ...2 are still scented, the rest aren't anymore or never were. I have had 2 unravel, and most of the others have that dirty linty look you mention. (the unraveling makes a real mess in the dryer, doesn't it?!) I have been wanting to try a different brand. I really do love them and hardly ever use dryer sheets anymore!
  33. So true about the fleece liners - I use them when I see rash starting (also to protect both the diaper & the bum!), and the rash is gone in no time! I tend to use mostly natural fibers - just seems like a better idea overall. I currently use two plastic dryer balls - and I didn't really get why dryer balls are so great. I now need to try wool ones - makes much more sense over plastic!
  34. I've never tried dryer balls but always wanted to! They just seem like a great alternative to dryer sheets!
  35. I love wool dryer balls too! How great do these look! Hey I can't use the Rafflecopter form - it doesn't show up (the little logo does but not the form)...
  36. I would love to win some because I've read that dryer sheets have a lot of nasty chemicals in them. I love going green!
  37. I have never tried dryer balls like these and I would love to! I use some fabric dryer sheets that I got from a cloth diaper friendly website and I like them, but I think the wooly rounds would help my clothes dry faster!!
  38. I just got 4 wooly rounds dryer balls and I love them! I would really like some more. If I could win them that would be great!
  39. I haven't tried them but I have heard wonderful things. I'd love to try these to reduce the drying time for all of my clothes
  40. I have 4 Budda Bunz that I use for my cloth diapers when I dry them in the dryer. I love them. I would love to have another set for my regular laundry.
  41. I have tried the bouncing woolies and I like them. I only have 3 though. Can you shave them to make them look prettier?
  42. I have not gotten to try dryer balls yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I need to try something to cut down dryer time, my electric bill is getting too high. I'm in an apartment and my dryer kinda sucks, but I have limited space to air dry anything. Dryer balls are definitely in my future!
  43. I desperately want to try wool dryer balls. Right now I am using tennis balls just because I refuse to use dryer sheets and haven't gotten any wool ones yet. LOL
  44. I've tried making my own just to find it unraveled and tangled in our clothing! I would love some that actually worked like these!
  45. We only have two but we love them!! I plan on trying my hand at them too. Just the other day DH said he couldn't believe how much faster our drying time was just with the two we have and how we donut have to spend money on dryer sheets anymore (which he was obsessed with while in the navy even though they would ruin the fireproofing on his uniforms!). We are big believers! Especially for HE dryers!
  46. I have the plastic "as seen on tv" dryer balls- and they seem to help- but I have heard SO many people tell me how much better wool ones are that I feel they will be my next purchase! I would love to win these so I can experience them for myself! (Oh- and I 100% agree with you about hemp!!!)

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