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Best Cloth Diapers for the Stroller

Today we’re talking about the best cloth diapers for the Stroller. Although I use my baby carrier most of the time, there are definitely places where a stroller comes in handy – toting a diaper bag and a baby in a carrier is sometimes a bit hard…

Diaper Bag

So, what are the best travel friendly cloth diapers to pack in the diaper bag – in the stroller?

Even the most die hard of cloth diapering parents will tell you that they take up more space in a diaper bag than disposables do. So, does that mean you should ditch the cloth when you’re away from home? You don’t have to

Sometimes you just have to get creative with packing the fluffy diaper bag and stroller!

Disposables and Cloth Diapers

Here are some of my favorite ways to make your cloth be a little more stroller-friendly.

Type of Cloth Diapers.

The type of diaper that you choose to travel with can definitely make a huge difference in the space allotment in your bag. 

Although you might use Pockets at home, it’s a great idea to have other types too. Some of the most travel friendly cloth diapers {as far as space issues} are AI2s or Hybrids. This system takes up less space simply because you can re-use covers. 

So, pack a couple of covers and 5-6 inserts and you’ve got 6 diaper changes rather than 6 bulky Pocket Diapers. Using prefolds and covers would also work well.

Travel Friendly Cloth Diapers

Pack Two Diaper Bags. 

So, it might take a little getting used to – and may seem like more work at first – but I like to pack two diaper bags. A smaller bag that actually goes on the stroller, or on my shoulder, and a second that has all the diapers I would need for the day to be left in the van. 

Obviously this might not work for all trips, but it does great for a day of shopping. This way, I have enough diapers in my small bag to cover what we might need for a few hours and then I can switch out the dirty diapers for clean ones without overloading one bag.

Use Disposable Inserts.

Some cloth diaper companies have disposable inserts as an option – like Charlie Banana. 

Just like the first suggestion – you can reuse the covers so you’ll be packing a little less, but you’ll also be toting less after the diapers get dirty, since you can toss the inserts themselves and only keep a few dirty covers in your wet bag.

Take Along Your Favorite Cloth Diapers.

Although this tip might not save you space, it will save you headache and changes of clothes. 

Don’t choose your skimpiest/slimmest cloth diapers just to save space, be sure to take your best ones – your favorite diapers that you always reach for because they work the best for your babe. Although my bumGenius Freetimes aren’t the most space-saving cloth diapers, they hold a lot. 

So, when I pack a diaper bag, there is always a few Freetimes in it. It keeps me from having to change diapers constantly in public and keeps leaking problems to a minimum.

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