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Fluffy Friday: Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

As I’ll soon {oh, so soon!} be having 2 in cloth diapers, I’ve been thinking a lot about storage ideas.  After becoming mildly addicted to Pinterest, I came up with a few ideas.

This 3 drawer storage cart sits a-top our changing table. Yes, our changing table is that big. It’s actually a homemade deal, crafted by sweet hubby, that sits in our Master Bath. 

For now, I have the drawers labeled one for each of the girls and the top for “Travel” and “Grandma” diapers aka Aplix! It will hold diapers for both of them and will hopefully make it easy for me to fill the diaper bag when we’re heading out.

I turned to Pinterest for the label ideas. I simply took scrapbook paper and taped on the inside of the drawers. I found out the hard way that putting labels on the outside of these plastic carts is a “no-no” as they won’t come off easily and this makes it a bit more girly!

Obviously we have quite a few more diapers than will fit in the drawers, but these are the main diapers that will be used in our daily stash. I have a drawer full of extra inserts and and cabinet full of both of the girls fitted diapers and wool. 

I’ll probably move some of Moreaya’s fitteds into her drawer, but I mainly reserve Sophia’s fitted/wool combos for nighttime use.

I knew that I would need at least 2 diaper pails, seeing that 1 pail now holds about 2 days worth of diapers for Sophia. I also knew that I wanted to separate Covers and Inserts when I washed. 

I’ve heard of a few other Mama’s doing this and it seems like a great idea, as you can use a bit hotter water on your inserts and not worry about damaging your PUL in the process of washing. I also decided to label these nicely, to match the Diaper Drawers.

In order to fit 2 pails in our changing area, we had to move things around a bit, but I’m super happy with the outcome.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m actually looking forward to having 2 in cloth!?  We’ll see how long that lasts, though.

Do you ave any suggestions or tips on Cloth Diaper Storage?

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