Fluffy Friday: Spoiled Bottom

Pocket Cloth DiapersI love finding out about new diapers on the market… and when the owner behind the store is such a joy to work with, like Jodie from Spoiled Bottom is, well, it makes the experience even more enjoyable!

 Thinking about making the switch to cloth but not sure where to start? Already cloth diapering but want to add to your stash? Let me help! I’m a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful little girls – 4 years old & 1.5 years old. I made the switch to cloth when my littlest one was 5 months old & wish I would have started sooner. I’ve now to decided to share my love of cloth diapering!

I almost wished I lived closer to Spoiled Bottom, in Canada – Jodie provides in-home consultations for parents who want to see cloth diapers in person!  This is such a wonderful service as people can really see that modern cloth diapers are easy and doable!  And who wouldn’t want to see all of her super cute prints in person!?

Spoiled Bottom offers 4 different types of OS Pocket Diapers.

The Solid, Silky, and Minky Print diapers are all constructed the same way.  Single leg gussets with an opening in the back to stuff in the microfiber insert that is included with the diaper.  Moreaya is on the next to smallest setting and I can almost completely close the diaper and there’s a ton of snaps left.  What I’m trying to say is this diaper would definitely fit larger babies, I’m sure!  It’s advertised to fit from 8-35 lbs and I have no doubt that it’s a OS that can definitely prove what it claims.

Spoiled Bottom also sales a Supreme Cloth Diaper that contains a little more… double leg gussets and snap-in inserts that will agitate out of the diaper on their own!  Double leg gussets really come in handy for babies who have more runny BMs, but I find that singles work just fine for us too!

Right now, Spoiled Bottom is running a fabulous deal!  Jodie’s just getting in some uber cute new prints and she’s offering 10% off pre-orders!  You can get a fabulous OS print diaper for only $9.00!!!  Along with great OS diapers, Spoiled Bottom also carries Wet/Dry Bags, Laundry Tarts, and Diaper Ointment!

Buy It:  You can purchase a Solid, Silky, or Minky OS cloth diaper for only $10!  The Supreme diapers are $14.00.

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  1. I LOVE the Bumblebee, but since you posted that one I also really like the Purple Stars and the Purple with White Stars in silky!
  2. I would definitely choose the Bumblebee! It is sooo cute! And my brother just started beekeeping with a friend of his, and that friend's wife is expecting a baby any day. She's interested in cloth diapering, so I would give this to her! :)
  3. I don't even know what id choose they are all so cute! I like the white zoo, the blue with white stars, pink and green dots, etc...

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