Fluffy Friday: A Rockin’ Spotlight on Rockabums


Happy Fluffy Friday everyone!  This is a bit of a bittersweet day because I’ve come to the realization that this will probably be the last cloth diaper review that I write.  Miss Moreaya is showing so much interest in potty training that we honestly haven’t worn very many diapers of any type over the past week or so that we’ve been home from our Disney trip.

But alas, I have a rockin’ spotlight to share with you on one of the newest cloth diapers on the block… Rockabums!

Rockabums SpotlightSince Moreaya has been on a bit of a cloth diaper strike, we haven’t been able to use this diaper extensively before the review – just a few times.  I can tell you, though, after cloth diapering over 3.5 years AND reviewing many, many diapers – Rockabums do totally rock.

Rockabums Points

Rockabums boasts that their BOMB Shell and Reusable Inserts are a 5-in-1 type diaper, meaning they can be used 5 different ways:  as a Pocket Diaper, Cover, AIO, AI2, and Hybrid.

Rockabums TypesThe times that I’ve used the diaper, I’ve simply laid the insert right on top of the cover, more like an AI2.  If I snapped the insert and left it together, it would become the AIO.  The inserts are made of microfiber, but topped with a charcoal bamboo, which not only makes them super soft against your babies bum, it makes stains less likely, AND adds a bit of extra absorbency.

Rockabums Shell Inserts

Each Rockabums set comes with their fab BOMB shell which can be used a few times before washing, if you’re using it as a cover, and 2 inserts.  One insert is plenty in this diaper, but 2 would make it a great nap time option for us.

Rockabums BumAs far as being a OS diaper, it does get pretty small, although there are no crossover snaps for an itty bitty waist, I still think it could fit a small baby.  It’s going strong with Moreaya at 26 pounds and there’s definitely lots of room still left, so I have no concerns that it wouldn’t go up to 35 pounds too.

Rockabums Fit

The price point is right on.  It’s a very affordable diaper at $16.95, especially when you factor in that you technically could get 2 diaper changes {maybe even 3 if you had an extra insert at home to use it as a cover}.  The quality of the diaper is right up there with the diapers that are on top of the Cloth Diaper Market – the PUL is soft but strong and the snaps are durable.

Right now, Rockabums are available in Aplix and Snap closures and come in 3 different colors – Red, Black, and White.  I expect more colors and prints on the horizon and maybe more products too – to go along with their Rockin’ Wet Bags!

You can connect with Rockabums on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram.

What color of Rockabums would your little one Rock?



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