Fluffy Friday: Newborn Cloth Diapers Wrap-Up

Moreaya will be 2 months old tomorrow and we’re pretty much done with our Newborn Diapers.  I can’t quite believe how fast these 2 months have gone by or how small of a timeframe that Newborn Diapers are actually used.  Sure, if you have a really small baby, you’ll be able to use them a bit longer, but I would still say 3 months is the longest they could stretch {which is why I recommend a Newborn Cloth Diapers Rental}.

Newborn CD Collage

With that being said, there are still a few that she can still fit into:

FuzziBunz XS:  This diaper was one of my favorites.  It was small enough to fit her when I she wore her first cloth at  .  It definitely outlasted the bumGenius XS and the GroVia Newborn.

Tiny Tush Elite Mini:  Although this isn’t just a Newborn diaper, it is made for babies who are too small for their One-Size diaper.  Moreaya is on the 2nd setting and should be able to wear this diaper for quite a bit longer.

Thirsties, size 1:  Both the covers and the AIO still fit nicely on the middle setting.

Small Diapers:  FuzziBunz, MiniMaestro, and bumGenius all make a Small size diaper that is fitting Moreaya perfectly right now.  Although the MiniMaestro seems to run just a bit smaller than the other 2.

As I stated before, I used prefolds and covers on Sophia but this time around I’ve been sticking mainly with Pockets and AIOs.  Dealing with 2 small children, they are just much easier for me!
We have also moved on to One-Size diapers including: FuzziBunz, bumGenius Freetime, Rocky Mountain, Rumparooz, and Bummis EasyFits!  My favorite of all these OS diapers are definitely the FuzziBunz, the Elite to be specific, as they get so small and are still VERY trim!

So, today my Rental Diapers are being packed up and shipped back to Earthy Crunchy Mama.  It’s a bit sad to send off the fluff, but what makes me happy is knowing how much $$ I saved by renting the diapers instead of buying them!


  1. My little one turned two months old today. Seeing the difference in the way the diapers fit each of our girls has been great! Mine still hasn't grown in to the Fuzzibunz smalls (they are pretty big both in waist and legs). The Fuzzibunz Elites have been great for a couple of weeks now on the absolute smallest settings. And her BG OS are starting to fit pretty well as long as I pull the wings up when putting them up to keep the legs as small as they can go. We just put away the Rumparooz Lil Joeys as they were leaving red marks, but she is still going strong in her Bittys from the Little Bee Diaper Co. (and she is the Bee Changed baby of the month for March in one of those)
  2. ALREADY?! ;) It sure feels like it flies even faster the second time around - I know I'm clinging to every moment with mine … I need to get some more FuzziBunz OS elite; I only have one, bit it's definitely my favorite diaper (except when it's time to stuff LOL)! Hope your fluffy Friday is fantastic!

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