Fluffy Friday: incredibum Diapers

Pocket Cloth DiapersGuess what!?  I’m an incredimom!  No, I’m not calling myself an incredible Mom, although I do try… I was chosen as one of incredibum’s {a new cloth diaper on the market} Mom Bloggers to help spread the word about this brand and it’s products.  I’m super excited about this opportunity and I hope you’ll enjoy learning about a new CD brand as much as I do!

For my first round, I was sent the incredibum cloth diaper!  Here’s a little background info on the diaper itself, since it’s fairly new I know you’ll want all of this information, and then we’ll get into my real thoughts on it!

incredibum bamboo cloth diapers are a great and easy alternative to traditional pocket cloth diapers. The ease of the snap inserts to the adjustable sizing makes this diaper one you will keep reaching over and over for.
The bum pad insert is made up of bamboo (67%), cotton (23%), and polyester (10%). The shell is made up of polyester (100%), TPU waterproof coating and Microfiber fleece lining.


This diaper has 3 size settings, which can be adjusted by the 2 snaps in the front.  You’ll notice in Sophia’s picture that there is a bit of a droop in the middle that I think would be fixed by adding 1 more snap-down button on the front of the diaper, at each size.  But that’s totally an aesthetic thing to me and it doesn’t impact the function of the diaper.

The inserts are my favorite thing about incredibum!  They’re a bamboo insert that is super incredibly soft and absorbent.  It’s amazing how much these can hold while being so trim… in fact, incredibum is definitely one of the most trim One-Size snap-down diapers that we have, even in the front.  The inserts are also unique in that they can snap together and also snap to the diaper, to keep them from moving around when you have a wiggly toddler.  The diaper comes with 2 “bum pads” and the smaller one can snap to the front of the larger one for boys, or to the back for girls.  Although, if you have a baby like me, somehow the front of her diapers are always more soaked, so we put the doubler at the front!

The Firecracker red incredibum is quite incredible in person.  It’s a super bright red that hasn’t faded a bit, wash after wash.  The snaps and all parts seem to be of great quality, although, I’ll admit that the snaps are a bit confusing at first.  There are 3 on each side, but I didn’t even notice the hip snap until we had used this diaper a few times, only because it seems a bit far back.  In all, I think these diapers will definitely be a rising star in the cloth diaper market.

Be on the lookout for more incredibum product reviews from me, coming in the next few months including their Wetbags and Cloth Wipes!

Buy It:  You can purchase incredibum bamboo cloth diapers from their retailers.

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