Fluffy Friday: I’ll show you my cloth diaper stash, if you show me yours…

Your Cloth Diaper Stash, of course!?

There were no questions again this week, so let’s get right to it.  Well, unless you have a question!  And if you do, let me hear it and we’ll discuss next week!

I was super excited to write this post.  Why?  Because I’ve never really counted my stash before.  Maybe it’s a bit of facing the addiction, but honestly I think it has to do more with my diapers were never all clean at the same time.  How could they be if there’s always one on the bum?  So, I took the opportunity {while testing another great product that you’ll see featured on the blog very soon} and rocked a good soak on all of Sophia’s diapers.  Then, I lined them up for a mini-photoshoot.  While I was at it, I made a list of everything in her stash.

So pretty!  Now, let’s break it down!

Starting with the Pockets and AIOs, from left to right {25}:

  • 5 bumGenius OS{all Aplix}: 1 Blossom 3.0, 1 Blossom 4.0 {seconds}, 1 Butternut 3.0, 1 Clementine 3.0, and 1 Retail Therapy 4.0 {seconds}.  FYI: The 3.0s were some of the first diapers I bought and are still in great shape, even after over a year of use!
  • 4 Rumparooz OS: 1 Spring Green Aplix, 1 Lux Snap, 1 Sunshine Snap, 1 Eco Owl Snap
  • GoGreen Pocket Diaper OS Love Champ 2.0
  • Smarti Pants OS Fire Engine Red
  • FuzziBunz OS White
  • Rocky Mountain Diaper OS
  • Happy Heiny’s OS Red
  • Glow Bug Cloth Diaper OS
  • 2 Ecobub Nappies: Both Size Large Wool Pocket Diapers
  • FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium Crushed Berries
  • Knickernappies Custom Fit Medium
  • Dinkledooz Orange OS
  • Blissful Booty AIO Ultra Large
  • 2 AppleCheeks Size 2: 1 Chocolate and 1 St. Lucia
  • 2 Bummis EasyFits TotBots: 1 Lime and 1 Blueberry

Fitted and Wool Stash, from left to right, starting in the front {4 Wool, 10 Fitted}:

  • CCBaby Wool Scrappy Skirtie, custom
  • Three Happy Trees Wool Soaker w/ Heart applique
  • Forty41 Wool Soaker
  • Sustainablebabyish Wool Longies
  • 3 Babee Greens Hemp/Cotton Fitteds OS
  • Doodle Dypes Pretty Paisley Fitted OS
  • Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Melon, size 2
  • 2 Green Scene Diapers: 1 Pink Owls and 1 Minky Dot
  • Eco Posh OS Fitted Love
  • 2 Nifty Nappy: Howdy and Fruit Salad OS

Oh my!  Talk about facing reality… that’s quite a few diapers.  These diapers are all in our general rotation… meaning, Sophia wears them all very regularly.  I wash every 2 days and can go 3, but that leads to full pails and stink issues, but it sometimes happens when I get lazy.  Once the next little girl comes along, Sophia will be sharing some of her OS, especially the Rumparooz, with the Newborn Stash I’ve created.

I can’t even imagine how many I’ve owned since we started cloth diapering, because my stash is ever-evolving.  We try diapers and if they don’t work for us, I sell them and buy ones that do.  {I’m telling you… that’s the secret to a great stash!}  Some day I may share how many of these diapers were WON from giveaways.  It’s a GREAT way to bulk up your stash!

Here are the items that aren’t pictured:

  • Real Nappies PUL Cover White, Large
  • 6 Real Nappies Prefolds, Crawler
  • 16 Hemp Inserts: 2 Artsy Artsy Foo Foo, 6 Thirsties, 1 WAHM, 4 Babykicks Joey Bunz, 2 Sprout Change, and 1 FuzziBunz
  • Cloth Wipes: 6 Blissful Booty, 8 Two Sweet Potatoes OBV, and 15 Organic Cottonwood
  • Swim Diapers: 2 Bummis Swimmis, size Medium, 2 Monkey Doodlez, Medium and XL
  • Pail Liners: GroVia, Wahmies, and 2 Planet Wise
  • Wet Bags: 4 Diaper Bag Wrangler {love them, can you tell!?}, 1 Hanging Wet/Dry Planet Wise, 1 Medium Wet/Dry Planet Wise, 1 Maxwell Designs, 1 GoGreen, and 1 Planet Wise Sport Bag

  1. Glad I found this post! we just ordered our very first 12 diapers today! If you get a second, read my post and leave me any advice! I would truly appreciate it!!!
  2. This is so much fun!! I took a pic couple weeks ago so I'll use that. Most of my diapers are in the dirty pail now so no current pic. New follower here =) But a fan on your FB page!
  3. I'll go take a pic of what I have for new baby! Most of it is from Noah's stash but now that he's potty trained new baby gets to use them all! I miss fluff..can't wait to use it again!!

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