Fluffy Friday: I Have the Perfect Stash… of Cloth Diapers.

This is my cloth diapers bragging post, hope you’re ready!  After using cloth diapers for over 2 years and reviewing them for over 1 and a half… I have finally built my perfect cloth diapers stash.  I admit – it took a long time {2 years!}, a lot of trial and error, testing and reviewing, selling and buying, washing and sunning, but we’re here and all that work was worth it.

Here’s what is in Moreaya’s current rotation of daytime diapers, pictured above {left to right, top to bottom}:

Pink Drybees AIO Sized {M}, Navy Drybees AIO  Sized {M}, Hoot Thirsties Duo AIO. Scottish Rose Thirsties Duo AIO, Purple Knickernappies Custom Fit {M}, Raspberry Knickernappies OS
Charlie Banana OS in Holly Brown, Yellow, Hot Pink, Orange, Hot Pink Robot, topped with a Fire Engine Red Smartipants OS
BumGenius Freetimes OS in Lovelace Snaps, White Aplix, Lovelace Aplix, and Albert Snaps
Bummis Tots Bots EasyFits OS in Grape V2 {Bamboo}, Grape, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Chicken Little
Ragababe Sized {M} in Daisy, Tye Dye, and Lime
FuzziBunz Perfect Size {M} in Watermelon, Tootie Frootie, Light it Up Blue, Kumquat, Crushed Berries, Apple Green, Mac N Cheese, Chocolate Truffle {Spearmint is Missing from picture!}

Here’s the whole stash, minus that stinking FB Spearmint that somehow skipped the picture.  It includes all of the above, but a few NIP diapers on the left and my Fitteds that we use for overnight on the right.

NIP Charlie Banana Holly Brown and NIP GoGreen Pocket Diapers Safari Party are waiting to be used!
Forty41 OS, Sustainablebabyish Snapless Fitted OS, stack of Green Scene Diapers Fitted OS in Halloween Hello Kitty, Minky Dots, Swirl Dyed OBV, and Hoot Girl.

After lots of experience with using cloth diapers, I’ve found that these are the diapers that I absolutely prefer.  AIO’s are so easy to take care of – but my Charlie Banana OS and FuzziBunz Perfect Size give us such a great fit that they’re worth the bit of extra stuffing.  I used to totally prefer Aplix to Snaps, but some snaps just work well – like the FuzziBunz and Charlie Bananas.  We use a combination of Fitteds and Wool for nighttime cloth diapering – it’s the only thing that’s worked successfully for us.  If I had to choose my favorite diaper of all time, well, I couldn’t.  But I can tell you that when they’re clean – the bumGenius Freetimes, Ragababes, Tots Bots, Charlie Bananas, and FuzziBunz are what go on Moreaya first!  😉 

I don’t save many cloth diapers – if they’re not in the current rotation, I usually sell them to get something that works better.  But here’s a few random diapers that we have – they either don’t fit Moreaya now or are waiting to be sold.  {bottom to top}

Super Undies Cloth Trainer, Charlie Banana Cloth Trainer, Little Bee Co OS, Dinkledooz OS, Rocky Mountain OS, FuzziBunz Perfect Size {S} White, Watermelon and Light Pink, MiniMaestro {S}, MonkeyDoodlez Swim Diaper, and AppleCheeks {1} Swim Diaper
Not Pictured: 3 Bummis Swimmis

And what’s a perfect cloth diapers stash without the perfect cloth diaper accessory stash?

Wool Stash: Longies from Forty41 and ThreeHappyTrees, 2 ThreeHappyTrees Soakers {M & L}, and Forty41 Soaker {M & L}, stack of Two Sweet Potatoes OBV Cloth Wipes, HUGE stack of Hemp Inserts {various – mostly JoeyBunz and Thirsties}, and Wet Bags – 2 Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags, Planet Wise Sport Bag, Planet Wise Pail Liner, GroVia Pail Liner, and Incredibum Large Wet Bag

So, how’s that for a perfect cloth diapers stash?

I honestly don’t see myself buying very many more diapers.  However, I would like to add a least 1 more bumGenius Freetime to our stash, and I definitely need to get my hands on a few more of the new, cute Bummis Tots Bots prints.  And I probably wouldn’t say no to a couple more Ragababe’s either – but that’s it.  Promise?

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    1. Thanks, Trina!  I dwindled my stash down to just my favorites because there's no reason to have so many diapers with just one child.  {Yes, I had to tell myself that OVER and OVER and OVER.}  ;)

  1. Great photos! Love the colorful stash. You're one of the first moms I've "met" who prefer aplix to snaps. My little girl is more than happy to pull open all her velcro diapers, so I'm glad that most of our stash are snaps. Thanks so much for sharing your faves! I'm a Thirsties Duo Diaper & Fuzzibunz fan too. We rely on prefolds+covers during the daytime, but there's nothing like a pocket for night!
  2. Nice stash pics girl! I admit I am a wee jealous that you've whittled down to just your favorites! I like so many kinds I have a hard time getting rid of most of mine! Lol

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