Fluffy Friday: Dinkledooz OS Diaper

I’m really excited to bring you another Fluffy Friday today… and hopefully introduce you to a new diaper that you’re going to love!   GoGo Natural is a great online store that I love to frequent and window shop a bit more than I would like to admit!  They carry a very wide variety of cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories, baby gear, and much more!

When we were discussing a diaper to review for a Fluffy Friday, they suggested I try out a Dinkledooz.  To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of this brand… {have any of you?}.  It’s a relatively small time brand, well, compared to the big 3.  I agreed because I’ve definitely found out that just because a diaper isn’t as widely known, doesn’t mean it isn’t as good.  Some of my new favorite diapers in our stash are those that are just taking off in the Cloth Diapering World!

The Dinkledooz arrived and I was so glad that I chose the Orange diaper!  Along with the cute yellow snaps, it totally looks great for Fall, but I chose it because it is Tennessee Volunteers Orange!  Actually, Sophia wore this cloth diaper last week when we had a few friends over to watch the game and they commented about her diaper, which was peeking out of the top of her jeans {don’t you just love that little Fluff Sneak Peak!?}.

The Dinkledooz One Size Diaper has a microfleece inner lining which is one of the softest linings that I’ve felt in a diaper.  It really stays dry as well, even when the inserts are soaked.  It comes with 2 inserts, 1 larger and 1 smaller, like most OS diapers do.  Once again, I always put a hemp insert in with the microfiber, just so Sophia can wear the diaper for more than an hour!  The inserts that come with this diaper seem to be more absorbent than some others that we have.

The Dinkledooz is a snap only diaper.  The snaps are really sturdy and easy to use.  There are 3 snaps, although I usually only snap the first waist snap and the hip snap.  The second waist snap seems a bit unnecessary to me.  One feature that I love about this diaper is the flap that tucks inside the back opening of the pocket.  This makes it impossible for your insert to stick out of the back of the diaper, causing leaks.  Another great feature of this diaper that you’ll notice is the tightness of the elastic in the legs.  It’s tight enough that we’ve had no leaks out of the legs, like we’re having with other OS diapers in our stash, but they do not leave red marks on her little thighs!  Love this.

Dinkledooz Cloth Diaper

Our Dinkledooz definitely has it’s place in our regular rotation.  I was using this diaper completely unsnapped, but I’ve recently decided to size down all of her diapers again… and am happier with the lower rise of the middle snap setting.  This diaper went on our Vacation with us and is usually reserved for when we’re going out or in the diaper bag.  I will say that this diaper definitely isn’t the trimmest in our stash, but I love it nonetheless!  This diaper outperforms a couple of other “big names” in our stash and is even priced cheaper!

Buy It:  You can purchase a Dinkledooz OS diaper, available in 6 different colors, from the GoGo Natural website for only $15.95!

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  2. So...when I tweeted the giveaway, I accidentally clicked "I Did This" without putting in the right info. Here's the link to the tweet:!/smith_jeniffer/status/117670183388196864
  3. DinkerDooz was my FREE diaper from GoGoNatural about a month ago and I was VERY impressed with the diaper too. I agree, the second waist snaps seems useless, would've been nice if it skipped a button like most diapers, microfiber insert is very absorbent, and to me it's a pretty trim diaper. as well. The rise is high too which I like. Overall, I give this diaper 5 stars!!!

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