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Using Cloth Diapers at Night

Believe it or not – It is possible to successfully use cloth diapers at night! I did and can still do so with Sophia and have her wake up in dry sheets in the morning. 

Moreaya, on the other hand, is a different story right now.  I’m really struggling with a combination for Moreaya to wake up dry in cloth.

Here’s my experience of cloth diapering at night:

With Sophia, she wore a bumGenius 4.0 Pocket with both inserts until about 5 months. Then I started putting in the OS insert along with a hemp insert underneath. 

This lasted us until about 9 months until she started leaking. For reference, we’re talking wear a diaper for 10-12 hours for nighttime. 

Once we hit around 9 months, I switched to fitteds and Wool Covers.  This is what we still use for her successfully.

Moreaya is a belly sleeper and seems to be a heavy wetter, even at 4 months. I struggle with finding a good combination for her because I don’t want to bulk her up to much in front or between her legs. 

When we have leaks, they are always out the top of the diaper on her belly.

Sooooo… I’m turning to you all! Does anyone have any tips for me to cloth diaper a little belly sleeper? Other than stuff a bunch of hemp or something in the front? I mean, specific diapers that seem to be better for belly sleepers?

Becky Knepp

Monday 14th of May 2012

I have a belly sleeper and a heavy wetter. My son is 14 months. We use a Flip cover with the stay dry microfiber and the premium joey bunz hemp insert in large. We were using 2 joey bunz (one one size and one medium) but switch up to large size. My son sleeps sometimes 12+ hours with no leaks!


Saturday 12th of May 2012

Something with front elastic - or that won't gap in the belly... We went through this as well. Applecheeks & Bee Changed both have front elastic. We ended up switching back to fitteds with wool at night though - it was just easier and more foolproof.


Saturday 12th of May 2012

AppleCheeks double stuffed with hemp have been working great for us! I think the front elastic does a great job at preventing leaks :)


Saturday 12th of May 2012

so, i don't know that these are specifically for belly sleepers, but my son is a belly sleeper and they work for us! we had the exact same problem, right around the same time!! he was leaking through everything i put on him! so, i bought a SBISH fitted overnight diaper and paired it with wool-we've never had a leak! i also bought a couple smart bottom "smartfold" diapers that I put in covers, and we've never had a leak with those either!! they're amazing-he wears them almost 12 hours a night and they're usually not even soaked through... here's a link for them a friend of mine also has a cloth diaper blog and just reviewed a poopsiedoodle diaper and said she likes it better than the SBISH fitteds! so i'm going to try those out next-plus they come in a one-size option, so you don't need to buy all the sizes like the SBISH diaper....that's next on my list once he outgrows the one we have! here's a link to her review hope you find something that works!!