Fluffy Friday: Charlie Banana OS {giveaway!}

Pocket Cloth DiapersI love trying new diapers… it’s one major plus to writing SEBG because I love to try all different types of cloth diapers that are on the market that I probably otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to try!

This is true of the Charlie Banana diaper that I’m reviewing today.  Snaps became my best friend once Sophia figured out how to undo the aplix diapers.  But with Moreaya, I primarily reach for my aplix.  I just think it’s easier to get a good fit and faster to put on her, well, until now!

When my One-Size Charlie Banana diaper arrived, oh my!  The print!  I just absolutely love the Robot Girl print on the Hot Pink!  It’s so adorable in real life and I probably would have never taken a chance on the print otherwise, but I’m super glad it’s the one we got!

Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper

The adjustment of Charlie Banana’s are a bit different than any other OS on the market.  It’s hidden inside the diaper, which is nice and is less bulky than snap-down OS diapers, but they use a “bra strap design” sizer.  It’s super easy to use and you simply slide the metal part to which letter “S, M, L”.  This works so much easier than a numbered system, I think AND you only have one on each side to adjust.  I’m actually using it in the middle of the Small and Medium setting for Moreaya right now and we’ve yet to have a leak in this diaper {and we have quite a few leaks from some of our others} because I’m getting such a good fit!

The OS comes with 2 microfiber inserts and we’re only using the smaller one right now.  I know a lot of companies are switching to minky, and although I love the trimness of minky, I still think the microfiber absorbs and holds more.

This diaper is the first diaper I reach for if it’s clean and I’m most definitely going to be adding a couple more to our stash!

Charlie Banana also sells disposable inserts that can work with this shell, as it has a large flap at the front {where you stuff the inserts} that can hold the disposable insert in place.  I haven’t tried that feature of the diaper, though.

Buy It:  The Charlie Banana OS diapers range from about $19.88 – $21.88 depending on where you buy them.  You can purchase straight from the Charlie Banana Website or at a variety of retailers!

Win It:  One super lucky So Easy Being Green reader is going to win their own Charlie Banana One-Size cloth diaper!

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  3. Love the robot. Might have to get that one! Just tried these on my SIL's baby. Loved the easy adjustment. Way better than the fuzzibunz elite for adjusting.
  4. I love my pink robots Charlie Banana! It is such a cute print. I even use it with prefolds. I would love to add one of the red petit coeur prints to our collection :)
  5. I love them all, girly colors:-) this is my first time cloth diapering so im really excited. 38 weeks prego and my baby girl should be here soon!
  6. I have one in the boy robot print. Overall I like the Charlie Banana diapers. Not the biggest fan of diapers that stuff from the front because i always have to touch a pee soaked insert that way, but other than that they are nice and trim and have super cute prints. I think I'd choose Under Construction print this time.
  7. I love all the bright colors! And the hearts! I have some sized CB's that I will try on my first little girl, but I'd love to give the OS a try too!
  8. I like the design of the Charlie Banana diapers! It would be beneficial to have less bulk when picking out clothes to put over the diaper. The best fabric pattern....Blue Petit Coeur on white : )
  9. We have 2 in the Butterfly pattern, and I just love them! Ours were sized though, and are now too small. Definitely needing some Charlie Banana OS diapers!
  10. My favorite CB color is black and print is the Robot Boy. I have never used CB but I plan to drive to a Target in GA to purchase 2 this weekend!
  11. I really like just the plain black diaper. I have never tried these diapers but would love to. I just don't have the money to afford the cost of this diaper.
  12. I have never tried CB diapers before but I cant wait to add some to our stash for our little boy due in June! I love the "handsome" print! Thanks for a great giveaway!
  13. I love the Red Petit Coeur on white and the lavender shades...sooo cute! Haven't tried Charlie Banana yet and just learning about cloth diapering for my first baby. Would love to give them a try.
  14. I have Not tried Charlie banana yet but I've heard great things. I love the handsome print, Compared to what other brands offer for prints for boys it's top of my list for favorites.
  15. I have never tried Charlie Banana but i really like the looks of the The Fashion Collection Handsome - one size :)
  16. I haven’t tried them yet but would love to! I like the robot girl print. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
  17. I like the orbit pattern, super fun! I haven't had a chance to try CB because baby hasn't arrived yet, will be here late May.
  18. I have never tried these diapers before, but have read good things. I like the Red Petit Coeur on hot pink print.
  19. Love hot pink and blackbeary. I love CBS - they are probably one of the only diapers that has remained in my constantly changing stash.
  20. I like Under Construction! Don't have any of these yet, but would like to try one. The solid colors are great too! They look very vibrant.
  21. I am def. going to buy a Charlie diaper. I love the hearts pattern. They are super cute and like you, I like to try different things. I should start my own blog!!! HA! Thanks for the info.. I enjoy learning new things.
  22. I've never tried Charlie banana before, but they look great! So many cute colors and prints it is hard to choose but I think my very favorite is the Blue Petit Coeur on hot pink.
  23. I love the butterfly print and the baby pink color. I've never tried CB, I've actually never cloth diapered before, but we're trying to get our stash ready before baby girl comes in June!
  24. never tried a CB diaper. Love the lovey dovey on white. Expecting twins and this would be the cutest diaper on their bums
  25. i have never tried them but i have heard amazing things!! really hoping to win one sometime because our diaper budget is already gone :( i love the robot boy print, handsome (the skull one), red petit coeur on green and blue petit coeur on white
  26. I've never tried Charlie Banana diapers but I have a friend that really likes them. The butterfly print is my favorite!!!
  27. Haven't tried one yet but I love love love Cutie!!! Such an adorable print and would look super cute on my little cutie!!
  28. I haven't tried the CB cloth but do have a couple swim diapers that I love! Love the blackbeary and "handsome" prints!
  29. I like the "handsome" print. I have once CB, in the rocket print (not sure if they still make that one) and I really like it. Would love to add another CB to our stash. Little man just grew out of his XS diapers into our OS stash and I think I need a few more.
  30. I have never tried charlie banana diapers but I would love to! my favorite is teh Lovey & dovey on yellow
  31. Love this!! Have heard so many AMAZING things about these diapers! We are new to CD so I am excited to see how it goes, just have to get a good stash going!
  32. I am using CB and really like them! Love the standard white--they don't show through lighter clothes and I know when they are 100% clean! They are awesome for overnight too :)
  33. I use CB's and I love them, they are really versatile and work for my little guy! I love the Handsome pattern with the Pandas!
  34. Love the green diaper w/ red heart!! Also love the solid Aqua diaper. I haven't tried CB diapers, but loved cloth diapering my first son and have another due in October that I plan o cloth diapering as well!
  35. I love love the Blue Petit Coeur on Green. How adorable. I have never tried Charlie Banana...but i would love to!
  36. I have a os CB and 6 medium CB and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I recommend the OS they are almost the same size as the medium but have extra snaps and adjustable leg elastic.
  37. I like the robot boy. My little man is actually wearing it right now. We have been using CB for the last week after I picked up some from target.
  38. i got the "handsome" and the "black one size" and i love them both this is my first time trying them and i fell in love. <3
  39. I love the black beary! I have some OS CB and some MED. I LOVE THEM! They are my favorite dipes in our stash. Mine have the older button size adjustment though. I want to try the new one so bad! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!
  40. I love Charlie Banana! Our favorite is the construction print, but I would love to get my hands on the William Royal print.
  41. I have tried Charlie Bananas and love them!! The prints i want the most are the Orbit and Under Construction ones! They're just sooo cute!
  42. I only own 1 cloth so far (I'm 16 weeks pregnant) and it's a Charlie Banana newborn. I can not wait to use it and I'd love to add more to my stash!
  43. We have 6 OS CB's and are very happy with them! I love the robot print especially since we call out dd "Bot." My only issue with the OS is that the legs are cut for skinnier babies, dd is only 13 months and is already on the largest elastic setting so we probably won't be able to use these through potty training.
  44. I love CB. They never leak. We like using the black on our 11 mo. old Daughter E, even though it seems boyish it really makes her dresses and outfits pop!
  45. I would love to have the robot boy print. I have never tried Charlie Banana before, but I would love to. I use cloth exclusively and always enjoy trying new brands and styles.
  46. Charlie Banana is one of our favourite diapers. They fit my daughter right from the start and to date we have not had any issues (7 months). They are a really nice fit. Favourite print is red petit coeur on green
  47. I have never tried CBs before...but I have heard nothing but great reviews! I really love the Lovey & dovey on yellow print!
  48. I love the red petit coeur on green! I've yet to try a Charlie Banana but they have been on my list for quite a while.
  49. I love Butterfly...but probably not very practical if it turns out this baby is a boy! I have never tried them, but have been wanting to for a long time!
  50. Love the new Matthew Langille Collection! Especially the Red Petit Coeur on hot pink! I have 1 Charlie Banana that's a size small, so I'd love to try the OS version.
  51. I LOVE the Handsom (hey it wasn't called that when it first came out! It was something with Bear in it!). This is one diaper I don't have in my stash and would love to add one!
  52. my favorite print is cutie, favorite color is hot pink, and i have NOT tried charlie banana before but really want to!
  53. Wow after this I think I'm in love with robot girl. How cute!! I think all their colors are amazing. I kind of want their yellow or orange diapers too. I haven't tried Charlie Banana, but I'd love to try them out. I always thought it was the same as fuzzibunz, but I love that the back elastic is so thick on charlie bananas. They just seem a little higher quality in general.
  54. I like the lovey and dovey on yellow diaper, I have never tried a Charlie Banana diaper but would love to add one to our collection!
  55. I like the Lovey & dovey on yellow best! I have one and I find it to be a very trim diaper and easy to size. But I always forget that it's a front stuff ;) ngiraldi at gmail dot com
  56. I LOVE the Girl Robot print, so bright and the robots are adorable. We have 2 from the 2010 collection (Orbit and Black) and 2 newer prints from 2012(Red Petit Coeur on Green and Blue petit Coeur on Yellow). I love the new version of the Charlie Banana. The new slide adjustment system is much easier than the older elastic and button method. I have also found that the inserts seem to be holding up much better than the originals.
  57. I have on Charlie Banana OS. I love it. Great fit and super absorbent. I wonder how the sizing elastic will hold up.. and a I found it a little finicky the first time I tried to resize. But it seems to hold well and isn't actually very difficult. My favorite print is the Handsome, or colour is black.
  58. I have never tried db's before so I cant wait to try them I love the lavender and the butterfly print the best!
  59. i think i like the shanghai green the best. and i've never tried charlie banana, but heard really good things from some friends!
  60. i was already wondering how you were gonna pick the winner. :) Blue Petit Coeur on green is my favorite!!!
  61. i heard so many good things about charlie banana. would love to try them. also like the idea of an disposable inserts for times that yeast etc. may hit.

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