Fluffy Friday: bumGenius Freetime

All in One Cloth DiapersGet ready to get excited because today I’m bringing you a Review and Giveaway for one of the most popular, coveted, best {in my opinion} cloth diapers on the market right now!

Tami from the Kissed By The Moon online cloth diaper store sent us a bumGenius Freetime for Moreaya at the same time she sent Sophia’s EcoPosh Trainer {have you entered to win one yet!?}.  This diaper was specifically sent for Moreaya as I requested an Aplix closure.  Sure, I started to prefer snaps once Sophia hit the age where she could undo velcro easily, but I think Aplix is so much easier for Newborns and smaller children.  It’s easier to put on fast AND easier to get a customized fit.
I’ve read some negative things about bumGenius Aplix but I’ve personally never had a problem with it giving out.  I do recommend you follow my tip of folding over laundry tabs {tip with pictures here} to preserve the life of your aplix tabs.

Although the white isn’t my favorite diaper color, I love this diaper and it’s the first one I reach for when it’s clean.  The Freetime is my favorite bumGenius diaper that I’ve ever tried and I honestly think it will end up being their best seller, even over the popular 4.0!  If you’ve tried the Freetime, I bet you would agree with me!  Although I am sure some CD parents prefer organic materials rather than the microfiber, but the Freetime is still my favorite and let me tell you why!

Just like the little badge in the upper-right corner says… it’s an All-in-One!  No stuffing or un-stuffing, but unlike most AIO’s it dries really fast on my drying rack because of the way it’s sewn together and open on one end.  Moreaya has fit into this One-Size diaper for about a month now.  It’s a bit more bulky on her than some other OS diapers {like the FuzziBunz Elite}, but it’s because of how much stuffing it has in it, which allows for her to be able to wear it longer.  She can easily go 3 hours in this diaper without even a hint of a leak.  It’s the only diaper that I trust on her during her long nap time.

Freetime Collage

Along with highly recommending you adding a Freetime to your stash, I highly advise you to buy it from Kissed By The Moon.  Not only will you get excellent customer service from Tami {before, after, and during the sale}, but there are some awesome perks from shopping with them!  Free Shipping, tons of Sales & Specials all of the time, Kissed Cash Rewards, and even a chance to buy gently used diapers at discounted prices!  Not to mention Mystery Fluff – ah, I HAVE to order that sometime soon to satisfy my own curiosity!

While you’re at it, be sure to connect with Kissed By The Moon on Facebook as Tami constantly posts Specials and Deals for Facebook Fans!

Buy It:  You can purchase a bumGenius OS Freetime at Kissed By The Moon for $19.95.  This diaper comes in Aplix and Snap closure and a ton of colors and 2 Prints!

  1. They carry so many products I already know I like. But I'd like to try Boingos as I've yet to see them in person!
  2. I bought a ones&twos from them...I quite like it, although I'm afraid it might end up being to small for my(big) kidlet.
  3. I am an avid and loyal Kissed by the Moon customer and I LOVE their Mystery Fluff. Its like a Fluffy Christmas when it arrives :)
  4. I am kind of interested in the SUSTAINABLEBABYISH SNAPLESS-MULTI FITTED DIAPER! I've never seen them before and am now staring hard at my visa card ;)
  5. This is my first baby! My mother used cloth diapers for all of us (four kids). My sister has also used cloth for her four kids! Now it's my turn :)
  6. to choose?? I love my BG Freetime diapers, my Thirsties Duo Diaper AND my AIO, my Rumparooz...and my 4.0s. I really wanna try the GroVia AIO and the SoftBums!
  7. I'd love to try out the Tots Bots Tini Fit! I'd also love to try the Planet Wise Reusable Sandwich Wrap for my husband's lunch that I pack each day!
  8. i would like to try Boingo Diaper Fasteners. They seem like they might be another great option for a closure other than the Snappis and pins we already own.
  9. I would love to try these training pants:
  10. I would love to try the GroVia shells… I love the owl print and the new prints look like they are going to be gorgeous
  11. I would love to try a Tots Bot Easy Fit Diaper.
  12. I would love to get that moon kisses mystery pack. I saw these advertised on Facebook and was so tempted. It's hard to pass up a good deal and there's just something exciting about not knowing exactly what you might get! My fave CD they sale is still the FB Elite bec of the trim fit, but I also love my BG freetimes. We have 5 aplix in our stash and one Albert on back order. They are designated Grammie diapers bec of ease of use and I never have to worry about leaks or blowouts w these diapers! The only negative review I've read is about how its kind of hard to clean off a poo bec of the way the inserts overlap, but I've never really had an issue w this... And the fact that they can hold in a mammoth poo makes them high on my list!

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