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bumGenius Freetime Review

I have a feeling this Fluffy Friday is going to be a popular one!  Today, I get to share with you one of the newest Cloth Diapers on the market, all thanks to the lovely ladies behind Bouncing Babies!

Just in case you haven’t heard or saw the new bumGenius Freetime yet, here are the Specs:

I know, I know… I say it every time I try a new diaper, but this truly is one my absolute favorite diapers that I’ve ever tried! For real. I had truly all but given up on my bumGenius. I sold off the 4.0s that I had just because they wouldn’t work for Sophia with the one microfiber insert alone and when I double stuffed them, they were just too bulky. 

I was also not liking the smallest setting on Moreaya. The Newborn insert wasn’t enough absorbency for her, but the larger insert was too bulky. But then bumGenius came back “and totally redeemed themselves {Lloyd Christmas reference there!}” with the Freetime!

Bouncing Babies sent us this lovely Albert in Snaps to try and since Sophia is potty trained during the day, I’ve been using it on her at nap time. 

First, I love this print. Who says it’s a boy print?! I want to encourage Sophia’s love of Math and Learning even at an early age! 

The photo on the right shows the way this diaper is made. There are 2 stay dry soakers, sewn on opposite ends that overlap one another. This allows for super fast line-drying {compared to the old BG AIO design}. 

There is no pocket, but you could easily put another insert either under the inserts or one top of the stay dry – but trust me, you don’t want to that… these are super soft, absorbent, and truly feel dry even when the rest of the diaper is very wet!

The bumGenius Freetime is super trim on Sophia and even pretty trim on Moreaya {stay tuned… you’ll get to see one on her in an upcoming Review}. 

I love the simpleness – no stuffing/un-stuffing. Now that I have 2 little ladies to tend to, simple is the key. You can adjust the absorbency where you need it, by folding one of the inserts different ways, but I’ve found that simply overlapping them gives us tons of absorbency!

I so highly recommend this diaper!

Fluffy Friday: bumGenius Freetime from Bouncing Babies {giveaway!} - bumgenius

Sunday 25th of March 2012

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