Fluffy Friday: Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers

Although I was sent a complimentary Blissful Booty cloth diaper for review purposes, I was not paid/enticed to write a fabulous review for this product, all opinions are expressed are 100% mine!

If you’re a Facebook Fluffy follower, you’ve probably came across Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers.  Cathy, the Momma behind this diaper company, is a super sweet and generous lady.  I often see Blissful Booty diapers up for grabs on blog giveaways, as well her offering them up for Auctions for a Good Cause {Check out the fab Blissful Booty package in the #caringforcoen Raffle!}  When a company/brand/store shows such generosity, it definitely weighs in on the Review.  Although, a good diaper is a good diaper {as a bad diaper is a bad diaper}, no matter how generous.  BUT you deserve to know this about this fab company!

I had the chance to review a few different items from Blissful Booty.  The first two were their Wipe Water Concentrate and their Cloth Wipes.  I have blogged previously about my journey to find a great wipes solution, so I was super excited to try this.  It comes with a small bottle of Concentrate and a 4 oz Spray Bottle.  Very little of this concentrate goes a long way… 1/2 tsp to 6 oz of water.  I used the Blissful Booty Baby Spray Bottle for awhile, but I really like my wipes to be more wet, so I went to using my squirt bottle and the solution actually started breaking Sophia out.  This is not uncommon, as it’s happened with a couple of different wipes solutions that I’ve used before.  Either I will stick with the Spray bottle, so she doesn’t get so much of the concentrate straight on her, or I’ll dilute even more.  I absolutely love the soothing smell of Lavender Vanilla.  The Blissful Booty Cloth Wipes are really nice as well.  They are thin enough to fit really well in our wipe box, and come with a soft side and a side that’s similar to a terry cloth material… great for using with poopy diaper changes.

Now, on to what you’re really excited about, right?  The Blissful Booty AIO Ultra is quite the unique diaper.  For all you Momma’s who aren’t sure if you like your Hook and Loop or Snaps better… or even if you know which one you like… Blissful Booty has a “hybrid” of both!  This diaper comes with both velcro closures and snaps!!  In all honesty, I was a bit hesitant on whether I would like having both options, afraid that it might be a bit more bulky, but this diaper is anything but bulky.

I received a Celery with Totally Teal Snaps, in a size Large for Sophia.  I actually think a Medium might fit Sophia a bit better right now, but she’s a growing gal, so I decided to size up.   The Large fits her fine and she’s had no leaks with this cloth diaper.  I don’t have very many AIO’s in our stash, simply because I line dry our diapers and AIO’s often take so long to dry.  This diaper is the total exception to that rule.  It’s dry at about the same time as my covers and I haven’t had any smell issues with it!

Lastly, let’s talk about the Hook and Loop and Snaps.  Why did Blissful Booty choose to design a diaper like this?  I think it’s for a few reasons, mainly being versatility.  The AIO Ultra appeals to both Velcro and Snap Momma’s.  It’s a great diaper for me to send to Grandma’s house, since it has velcro.  I also use the velcro closure but snap a couple of the snaps to make sure Sophia doesn’t take the diaper off herself {which is happening more and more lately!}

The only issue that I’ve had with this diaper is the Laundry tabs coming undone in the wash.  I remedy this by simply putting the tabs on the front of the diaper, like where they would go if Sophia was wearing it.

I highly, highly recommend having a Blissful Booty AIO Ultra in your stash… and when you add one, you might find yourself wanting to add more!

  1. Thank you very much for this giveaway. If I win, I will choose a Med size diaper in pale daffodil or pretty in pink color.
  2. I'm not sure but I may have entered this one twice. Please delete the duplicate entry and forgive me if I did. I blame preggo brain and a toddler who has given up on naps most days!
    1. You're good... didn't see any Duplicates! :) And I SOOO know what preggo brain is, but luckily my Toddler still takes at least 1 nap. :) Hang in there Mama! Haha!
  3. AWESOME! Did all of 'em. Hopefully I get one. I'd love to give it a try for the bundle on the way! Thanks so much!
  4. oops, hit enter too soon on my first entry... I meant to say that I would choose buttercream with chocolate snaps in medium.
  5. i didn't get a chance to say what blissful booty diaper i would want for the giveaway! i would want the butter cream AIO ultra size xl with teal snaps :) sorry that i messed up and had to comment on here instead of the extra info box :(

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