Fluffy Friday: Am I really ready!?

Am I really ready for this?  That’s the question I keep asking myself and unbelievably the answer is “YES”!  I am so ready to have 2 in cloth… even if it just lasts for a couple of weeks.  {We aren’t actively trying to get Sophia to be completely potty trained, but she’s using her potty pretty much all of the time when we’re home.  We plan to get serious about it when I’m recovered from surgery and our days return to a bit more of a “normal” status after Moreaya is a few weeks old.}

I think I have my diapers and changing table set up in the best way for diapering two.  I think I have enough diapers.  I know I have enough detergent.  I even have notes taped to the changing table and washer with instructions on how to wash… just in case I need a bit of help with laundry the first few days.

We’ve actually decided to not use cloth while we’re in the hospital.  Although I know it’s totally possible, it’s just not a priority for us right now simply because that time will be busy enough!  I’m a bit worried about losing diapers, being by myself some at night {sweet hubby will be bringing Sophia home for nights at home to stay on a more regular schedule}, and I’ll be having a C-section which will make my recovery just a bit slower.  I plan on starting our cloth as soon as we get home though!  Sophia wore her first cloth diaper {a prefold with a Bummis Super Brite cover… why do I remember that so well!?} at 3 weeks old.  Moreaya is a lucky gal and will get to wear cutesy diapers a little earlier!

So, that’s whats on my mind this Fluffy Friday.  For the next month, we’ll be taking a break from this series in order to completely devote SEBG to the “New Year, New Babies, New Mommies of 2” Event!  But no worries… there will be plenty of itty bitty {and some one size too!} fluffy talk going on… and giveaways too!

  1. getting jittery?!?! yay for new babies! I have c-sections, too. I used cloth fromt he first diaper with my now 9 month old and I spent the time in the hospital mostly alone. DH would bring in our other 2 kids for very short visits. They get restless to quickly!

    hope you have an uneventful and quick recovery!

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