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Flip Hybrid Diapers: Will They Work for You?

A hybrid cloth diaper system is one that can utilize both reusable and disposable inserts. Here’s a look at Flip Hybrid Diapers, one of the most popular hybrid cloth diapers, so you can determine if they are a good choice for your baby.

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Flip Hybrid Reusable Cloth Diaper Cover with Adjustable SnapsFlip Hybrid Reusable Cloth Diaper Cover with Adjustable Snapsflip Cloth Diaper Cover - Pepper - One Size - Snapflip Cloth Diaper Cover – Pepper – One Size – Snap

Today I’ll be sharing with you my Flip Hybrid Diapers review. First, I’ll tell you a little background on my experience with the Flip system. Before Sophia was born, I researched and researched cloth. We were trying to go the cheapest route, while reading the reviews and really going with a popular system.

I didn’t exactly want to do prefolds, but I did want to use a Cover and Insert {or AI2} system. Flip cloth diapers were relatively new when I started researching, but they were getting rave reviews. So, I bought 2 large packs. They came with 2 covers and 6 inserts.

At that time, the Flip cover was only available in Snap closures and I opted for the Organic Inserts… trying to be as green as possible.

I hated Flip Diapers.

I started using cloth on Sophia when she was about 3 weeks old and they were SO HUGE on her. Not the cover, it snapped down to just her size, but the inserts were so huge and bulky, no matter how I folded them. 

It was like her legs stuck straight out.  So, I sold most of my Flips {I did keep 1 cover and 2 inserts just in case} and built my stash slowly.

So, when I had the chance to try a Flip again, I was a tad hesitant considering the rocky past experience.The Flip Hybrid Diapers system that I received for you contained: a Flip Diaper Cover with Aplix closure and 1 Stay Dry Insert.

I opted for Aplix since it’s a relatively new choice in this system. I love the aplix that bumGenius and Flip use. I think it really grips well… although, it does wear out a bit faster than some, but here are 3 easy tips to make your aplix cloth diapers last longer if you run into that problem like I have!

aplix cloth diapers

Flip Diapers Review

Can I just say that I fell back in love with Flips when I got this diaper in the mail? The Stay Dry Insert is exactly what I like in a hybrid system. It’s trim, very absorbent, cheap, and the cover is re-usable.That’s one reason that I think all-in-two cloth diapers make the best cloth diapers for new parents.

Flip Hybrid Diapers Cover and Insert

The Stay Dry inserts are really like a normal microfiber insert that you would find in a BumGenius… about the same thickness. But unlike the normal bumGenius insert, one side is lined with a suede cloth material, which makes it totally safe to go right against baby’s bottom.

Moral of my Flip Hybrid Diapers Story:

Well, there’s 2. Don’t buy a ton of diapers before your baby is born, especially if it’s your first, because you may not even like them. Just because they get great reviews or are cheap, doesn’t mean they’ll work the best for you and your baby. 

Second, it’s nice to give a diaper a second try. I can’t tell you how many times certain diapers have been pushed to the back of our stash for me to grab them  out of desperation on Laundry Day and fall in love with them all over again!

Flip Hybrid Reusable Cloth Diaper Cover with Adjustable SnapsFlip Hybrid Reusable Cloth Diaper Cover with Adjustable SnapsFlip Reusable Stay-Dry One-Size InsertsFlip Reusable Stay-Dry One-Size Insertsflip Disposable Diaper Inserts, 18 Countflip Disposable Diaper Inserts, 18 CountFlip: One-Size Snap Closure Diaper CoverFlip: One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Cover

We had the chance to continue the love for Flips cloth diapers as our cloth diapering journey continued with Flip Trainers during potty training. Be sure to check out that review.

Flip Cloth Trainers

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Sunday 14th of August 2011

Yeah, I sold off every last one of my first stash. Hated them. Good lesson that I wish I'd learned before hand!

Samantha Cuhel

Sunday 14th of August 2011

Thanks for the giveaway mama!

Susan M.

Saturday 13th of August 2011

I love Flips, but agree the Organic Inserts are bulky. I actually use them as my nighttime solution, stuffed in a pocket with microfiber...they work great and I don't care how bulky they are!


Saturday 13th of August 2011

Oh! Never thought of using them at night. We use Fitteds/Wool at night, but that's a great thing to do with the Organics too! Thanks for the tip!

Crunchy Beach Mama

Saturday 13th of August 2011

So I used to love my BGs with velcro...but the velcro goes soooo bad...I cannot get them to stick hardly at all anymore. So advice to all - buy snaps with your BGs!!

I am into prefolds/covers these days and never tried the Flip so I am entering! :)


Saturday 13th of August 2011

My Laundry Tabs aren't quite what they used to be, but my Velcro works GREAT and most are about a 1 year old. I'm just not in love with BG snaps. I like RaR snaps and AppleCheeks snaps, but not BG? Weird, I know.