Fitted Diapers are cloth diapers that do not contain a waterproof layer.  To make these diapers waterproof, you must use a Diaper Cover over them.  Although they can be used without a Cover, the diaper will get wet on the outside. The name may confuse you a bit because Fitted Diapers do not refer to the size {as they come in Fitted sizes AND One-Size options}, but refer to the fact that they “fit” your baby close.Fitted diapers are made from various types of materials, such as: Cotton, Organic Cotton, Hemp, Velour, etc. Some have a type of closure {snaps or aplix} and some do not.  The Fitteds that do not have a closure could either be laid into a Diaper Cover or you can secure them with a Diaper Pin or Snappi.


  • More breathable than any other type of diaper.  Fitteds are often used when a baby has a diaper rash and needs to let skin breathe.
  • Usually made out of more natural fibers than other types of cloth diapers.
  • Very, very cute designs available!
  • Best nighttime diapering combo:  Fitted with a Wool Diaper Cover


  • Tends to be very bulky after adding a Diaper Cover on top of a Fitted.
  • The cute designs have to be covered up!
  • Tend to be a bit expensive since you have to purchase Fitteds and Diaper Covers and since most major brand Fitteds aren’t One-Size.

My Favorite Fitteds:

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