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60+ Simple and Inexpensive First Day of School Teacher Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for first day of school teacher gift ideas, you’ve found them. I’ve compiled over 60 simple and inexpensive gifts that you can make and buy to show your child’s teacher appreciation on the first day of school!

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The first day of school is always an exciting and nervous experience. I’m always so excited for my girls to start a new school year, but there’s apprehension there, as well.

Meeting their new teacher is one thing that always helps ease some of those first day of school nerves and what’s a better way to meet a new teacher than giving him or her a back to school gift! It makes a great first impression, shows the teacher your appreciation, and breaks the ice during that first day.

First day of school teacher gifts don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. In fact, some of the most meaningful gifts are simple and heartfelt. A handwritten note from a student or parent expressing their excitement for the upcoming school year can go a long way in making me feel appreciated.

Other popular gift ideas include classroom supplies like markers, stickers, and notepads, or small treats like candy or a gift card to a local coffee shop. Whatever the gift may be, the thought and effort behind it is what truly matters.

Bringing a back to school teacher gift not only helps to establish a positive relationship between the teacher and the student/parent, but it also shows that the student/parent values and respects the teacher’s hard work and dedication.

A thoughtful gift can also help break the ice and ease any first-day jitters. It can help create a warm and welcoming environment in the classroom, which is essential for a successful school year.

First-day teacher gifts can also serve as a way for students/parents to express their gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work that teachers put in throughout the year. It’s a small gesture that can go a long way in boosting a teacher’s morale and motivation, especially at the beginning of a new school year.

While they are not necessary, first-day teacher gifts are a thoughtful and appreciated gesture that can help set a positive tone for the school year. So with that, let’s get into this huge list of over 60 back to school teacher gifts that are simple, some DIY, and inexpensive!

Types of First Day of School Teacher Gifts

I’m a busy Mom so I really don’t have time to be building some extravagant teacher gift and my girls have at least 4 teachers each so I don’t have the funds for expensive gifts either. One way to help combat both of those is to DIY a teacher gift. Here are a few types of gifts to consider:

Handmade Gifts

A handmade gift can be a great way to show your child’s teacher that you put thought and effort into the gift. Some ideas for handmade gifts include:

  • A personalized mug or water bottle
  • A hand-painted picture frame
  • A homemade candle or soap
  • A knitted scarf or hat

When making a handmade gift, be sure to consider the teacher’s interests and preferences. And don’t forget to involve your child in the process, as it can be a great way to teach them about the importance of showing gratitude and appreciation.

Photo courtesy of Through the Loop

I am absolutely in love with this adorable pencil crochet cup sleeve. If you know how to crochet, or want to learn, it would make such a fun first day of school teacher gift. You could even include a small gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop inside a paper coffee cup with it.

Store-Bought Gifts

If you don’t have the time or skills to make a handmade gift, a store-bought gift can be just as thoughtful. Some ideas for store-bought gifts include:

  • A gift basket filled with the teacher’s favorite snacks or treats
  • A personalized planner or notebook
  • A set of high-quality pens or markers

Also remember when choosing a gift, it’s important to consider the teacher’s interests and needs, as well as any school policies or guidelines. I love gifting wine, but make sure it’s acceptable at your school before you do!

Choosing a store bought gift doesn’t mean there wasn’t thought put into the gift. It’s also a great way to give teachers items they will need in their classroom, or that were on your child’s school supply list. And don’t forget to include a handwritten note with your gift to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get your child’s teacher, a gift card is always a great option, for the first day of school gift or any time, really. Some ideas for gift cards include:

  • A gift card to a local restaurant or spa
  • A gift card to a teacher supply store
  • A gift card to a popular online retailer

And don’t forget to include a heartfelt note to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. You can make gift cards extra special by attaching adorable, customized tags like these I found on Etsy.

Photo courtesy of ShareASale and Etsy

Another factor to consider when choosing a gift is practicality. Teachers have a lot of supplies and materials to keep track of, so a gift that is practical and useful will likely be appreciated. Consider items like classroom supplies, organizational tools, or gift cards to stores where teachers can purchase supplies.

Along those lines, think about what might not be so practical too. I know teachers love special knick knack type gifts or mugs, but think about just how many they probably have. You’ll find that most of the ideas in my list of first day of school teacher gifts below do not fall into that category.

First Day of School Teacher Gift Ideas

Selecting a thoughtful gift for your child’s teacher on the first day of school is a great way to show appreciation and start the school year off on a positive note.

Remember, the most important thing is to express your gratitude and support for your child’s teacher. Don’t compete with other gifts or think yours is less just because it’s simple or inexpensive. A simple thank you note or verbal acknowledgement can also go a long way in building a positive relationship with your child’s teacher.