Father’s Day Gift Idea: tüb people Simple Wallet

Not only do I have a fabulous green product to share with you today – it’s totally hip, trendy, and just in time for Father’s Day!

tubwallet pocket

The Simple Wallet, from tüb people, is a truly simple wallet with a total stylish flair.  All tüb products are unique and totally green because they come from upcycled bicycle tires!

The tüb philosophy is that our bags and gear can be hip AND eco-friendly! When you buy a tüb bag or wallet, you are keeping used inner tubes and old signs from the landfill. Plus, all of our products are designed and sewn right here in our neighborhood in the USA, using locally sourced materials! Tüb honors the miles these tübs have already traveled. These are not products that are pumped out of a factory. Each tüb creation is individual—no two are exactly the same!


tüb’s catch phrase is “flat but not forgotten” because these bike tubes are totally being brought back to life in these stylish wallets and bags!  The Simple Wallet is streamlined for everyday use.  It can hold up to 10 cards and the bill strap on the back fits snug to hold your cash.  At only $12 for the Simple Wallet – it’s the perfect Father’s Day gift – a great value and a unique, one-of-a-kind wallet for Dad!


You can purchase the Simple Wallet on  You can also connect with tüb on Facebook, instagram, and Pinterest!


  1. LOVE that their creating something new from something old. I love their wallet and will definitely be getting my husband and I one! FYI, your post says that this is open to Canadians but your tweet doesn't. Thanks for making this giveaway open to Canadians. Besos, Sarah Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
  2. I learned that their products are made out of inner tubes! How thoughtful. And I love the simple wallet.
  3. The Castanza Wallet would thrill the man of our house. He would feel like he was sitting on a book anymore.
  4. Funny, I just saw a man with this wallet just a couple of days ago and wondered where he got it I have a chance to win it for my hubby at Father's day time!!!!
  5. I learned that if you aren't happy, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or an equal exchange.

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