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Farmhouse Kitchen Command Center

Back to school time can seem overwhelming and not-so-much-fun at a glance, but in our house we keep track of everything with this Farmhouse Kitchen Command Center!

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Staying organized when things are about to get super busy is my biggest priority during back to school time.

Not only do we have all of our regular activities that continued throughout the summer – gymnastics, piano lessons – but we’ll start adding school choir, homework, and more to the list!

It’s important for me to keep all of that on track and I do just that with a command center in our kitchen.

We recently did a huge renovation and turned our dated kitchen and dining room into a farmhouse kitchen so I DIY-ed my calendar and command center to match that!

It consists of a printable calendar where I include all of our monthly activities and a chalkboard to write down a few more details about the week, including our dinner menu.

But even with those two organizational tools, I still let things slip my mind. That’s why I love incorporating brightly colored Post-it notes and flags to them both as well!

I use them to mark important notes about important dates. While I love the trendy, neutral colors of our kitchen and the farmhouse command center, it does make for an easy-to-forget calendar at times.

But I definitely notice those neon pink and yellow notes!

Are you ready to organize your back to school schedule AND celebrate this exciting time of the year at the same time?

Head to Walmart and grab your supplies and create your own command center to keep your family stocked and ready for the school year!