Fall Back into Babywearing – HUGE Giveaway – 18 Winners #FallBackBaby

Fall Back into Babywearing

What better way to celebrate the Time Change than a Mega Baby Carrier giveaway!?

So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, According to Jenny, and Thrifty Nifty Mommy have come together to throw a huge Babywearing Party!  On November 3rd, not only will you be falling back into time, we’re hoping you’ll Fall Back into Babywearing with some of the best baby carriers on the market!  We have 18 Baby Carrier Prizes for 18 winners!  

Are you ready to see the fabulous carriers and accessories that you can win!?


For more information, visit the Action Baby Carriers website.


For more information, visit the Chimparoo website.


For more information, visit the Comfy Joey website.


For more information, visit the CatBirdBaby website.


For more information, visit the BABYBJÖRN website.


Sponsored by bumbledoo.  For more information, visit the bumbledoo website.


For more information on these Babywearing Accessories, visit babyWAWL and Red Charlotte.



For more information on both the Mei Tai and Oh Mei, visit the BabyHawk website.


 For more information, visit the Rockin’ Baby website.


For more information, visit the Baby K’Tan website.


For more information, visit the Bitybean website.


For more information, visit the Peanut Shell website.


For more information, visit the Boba website.


For more information, visit the Onya Baby website.


For more information, visit the Beco Baby Carrier website.


For more information, visit the Moby website.


For more information, visit the lillebaby website.

Do you have a Favorite!?!

There will be a separate winner for each prize pictured above.


Disclosure:  You are entering to win one of the carriers or the accessories package above.  Winners will be randomly chos0ne and matched to carriers.  So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, According to Jenny, Thrifty Nifty Mommy, and all participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Bloggers received no compensation for hosting this giveaway.

  1. To be honest, I can't pick just one carrier at all. I did register for the Baby K'tan, Mei Tai, and an Ergo Baby. I'm also loving the Baby Bjorn One and the LilleBaby Complete. I am thankful for all the reviews and introducing me to all of these carriers. With my oldest, I bought I cheap carrier, and while I loved the experience of baby wearing, it hurt. With my little girl that is coming in just 3 months, I have looked at so many. So many of them seem great. Thank you :-)
    1. Marisa, we have the same story! I only purchased a cheap carrier when Sophia was born and hated it. It wasn't comfortable for me or her and neither of us was happy with babywearing. I wore Moreaya from day 1, well, probably day 5 or so, but it came so EASY with the right carrier/wrap. Good luck with you new baby and good luck on the giveaway!
  2. where was this when i had my daughter. i love the lillebaby complete. this would be a great gift for my daughters baby. no more juggling baby in one arm and keys and groceries in the other. how divine.
  3. I love the comfy Joey! I think kangaroos are adorable and would love to go around actin like a kangaroo momma! Thanks for hosting the giveaway
  4. I really like them all, But my favorite is the ERGO baby carrier!!! Just found out Im pregnant so winning one of these would be an ultimate baby addition!!
  5. I'd LOVE to win the Baby K'tan. I have always wanted to try the K'tan and with our second little boy due next week it would really come in handy!
  6. I really want to try a ring sling since I've only ever used wrap and soft-structured carriers. I love that you can design your own Comfy Joey (that one in the picture is gorgeous!) but I also love that the Rockin Baby Hero Sling gets donated to moms in need in Haiti. So, the Libra in me wants the Joey, and the humanitarian in me wants the Hero :)
  7. Oh my goodness, so hard to choose a favorite! We already have an Ergo, Action Carrier and Mohawk Mei Tai (though its our favorite, and I'd love the new Ahoy as well!), but I also would really love the Oh Mei, Onya or Lillebaby...truly you can't go wrong with ANY of the 18!!
  8. I would love to win any of the carriers with a wide waistband, love the boba, babybjorn one, ergobaby, babyhawk oh mei, etc!
  9. Wow, favorite... that's tough since I've not tried them all... Ergo is my fav (and only one of these I've actually tried), I love Rockin' Baby Hero sling for their efforts in Haiti, and I most want to try the Babybjorn or the Babyhawk followed closely by the Onya and the Beco.
  10. I love my Baby K'Tan, but now that my daughter is getting older, I am practicing with woven wraps. I am so glad to see Chimparoo on this!
  11. I think out of teh 18 the Onya Baby Cruiser would be my first pick-you can even use it on a chair instead of having to carry a whole other seat for baby.
  12. I LOVE the mei tei wraps! The baby hawk mei tei and the Catbird are my favorites! The baby wearing accessories sound awesome as well
  13. I've been looking at getting an Ergo carrier (bumbledoo) for my little one due in April. I'd also be happy with a Beco or Lillebaby carrier, which look similar to the Ergo. :)
  14. I'd be excited to win any of these carriers! They are all wonderful in their own ways. I'd love to try a babyhawk or a chimparoo.

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