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Essential Vitamins Delivered to Your Door with Vitafive [+ a Coupon Code!]

This post about customized, essential vitamins for the whole family is brought to you by a partnership with Vitafive. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

VitaFive Gummy Vitamins

Do you know what essential vitamins your body needs? It often depends on your regular diet, body type, and other factors, but lately I’ve been supplementing what my own diet is lacking thanks to these customized, essential vitamins and supplements from Vitafive.

I know I should be taking multivitamins and certain supplements, but let me get real y’all… I HATE taking medicine. I don’t like swallowing pills. I don’t like trying to remember to take something every single day. I just buck against any kind of medicine or vitamins… usually. When Vitafive contacted me about their customized gummy vitamins, I immediately thought “Sure, the girls would enjoy these.” Then, I realized that their adult vitamins were gummies also! Win win!

VitaFive Vitamins

Shopping on the Vitafive website for the essential vitamins that your body needs couldn’t be any easier. You simply let them know, by drop down menus, how many adults and children you’re shopping for. Then, you have a few choices to make.

  • For adults, you have the choice of the following packs: Custom [you put together exactly what you want], Immune Pack, Sleep Pack, Beauty Pack, Heart Pack, Essential Pack, Active Pack, and the Brain Pack.
  • For children, you have the choice of the following packs: Kid’s Immune Pack, Kid’s Healthy Bone Pack, and the Kid’s Essential Pack.

These packs come packaged with exactly what vitamins you should take daily. I love that the packets are printed with the person’s name, which is so handy when you have multiple people in your household taking the essential vitamins – that way there’s never any worry that Sophia ends up taking my adult vitamins. There’s also no question about what you’re taking – as each vitamin is listed on the pack also. There are enough packs in the box for a 1 month supply.

VitaFive Kids Vitamins

The girls love having their vitamin packs in the morning. Since they’re in a pack, they see them more as “gummies” than vitamins, so I do have to remind them that they can only have one pack per day.

With that said, you know they taste yummy. Each gummy has a different flavor and texture, but all have a good taste that you don’t dread eating each morning. All of Vitafive gummies are vegan and gluten free. They also do NOT contain artificial sweeteners or colors.

The price depends on the type of vitamin packs you choose. With the customizable packs staring at only $14.99 and the highest priced being the Adult Heart Pack at $34.00, the vitamins really are affordable. There’s no shipping costs [ever!] and the fact that the vitamins are organized and packaged for me, AND delivered right to my door – I find it a really great deal!

Want to make it an even better deal?
Use the code “sebg30” to get 30% off your first month with Vitafive!!

VitaFive Gummies Morning

If you’re like me and don’t like taking pills, Vitafive essential vitamins are definitely for you! If you’re like me and don’t exactly know what vitamins you should be taking, Vitafive’s gummy vitamins are for you! If you’re like me and hate paying shipping costs, but love the convenience of ordering online, well, you know what I’m going to say!

Which Vitafive pack would be best for you or your child?

Vitamin Gummies for the Entire Family from Vitafive [+ Half Off Coupon Code!]

Thursday 20th of October 2016

[…] on the Vitafive website for the essential vitamins that your body needs couldn’t be any easier. They actually just went through a website re-design […]


Tuesday 9th of August 2016

Super fun!! My son would get the essentials and maybe the immune pack during the colder months and Id stick with the Custom and whip something up for myself!! Love that they are filler free!!