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50 EASY Elf Ideas for a Preschool Classroom

If you are looking for ways to bring a little Christmas magic and excitement into the classroom, think about adding a classroom elf! Here are 50 easy Elf ideas for a preschool classroom, plus a super fun SECRET decoder message for students to get a message from their elf.

Christmas is getting closer and that means little boys and girls will be waiting on the edge of their seats for the return of their favorite classroom elf! If you don’t have an elf in your preschool classroom, you might want to consider getting one.

They bring with them lots of fun and positive reinforcement for good behavior for the kiddos. I’ve never liked using our Elf to show negative behavior or even threaten with, but always as a reward for kindness and having the Christmas spirit. And I always use easy Elf ideas to keep the stress level down!

That’s why I think they are fantastic to include in classrooms, especially preschool classrooms!

Preschool age children still have so much delight with the magic of the Elf and you can really get SO creative in things your elf does every day! In fact, I have over 50 easy Elf ideas for a preschool classroom to share with you in this post.

Want your preschool classroom elf to play games? Get this FREE Twister Printable below!

While it’s fun to do super creative displays, bringing the fun and magic of an Elf into a preschool classroom can be kept pretty simple. I’ve included a lot of great FREE printable activities in the list below.

I’ve also included some setup ideas, but you can even keep it super simple like this… having your Elf hanging out on a globe [like above] or in the craft supply box!

There are literally endless ways that you can incorporate your class elf into the fun of everyday. I love the idea of having the Elf bring a “Naughty and Nice” list with them one day and the teacher and principal name being on the naughty list! The kids would get a kick out of that, I’m sure.

The more the kids get involved with the elf, the more fun you’ll have. I know a lot of teachers let the kids name their classroom Elf and it’s a great way for kids to learn voting and even a counting activity.

Before we get to the HUGE list of even more ideas and activities, I have to share with you this super fun Elf Secret Message Decoder Printable that I’ve created for you and the best part – it’s FREE to Print!

Your students will love finding a secret message from their classroom elf and figuring out what it means with this printable decoder puzzle!

You’ll find even more preschool games and puzzles like this, and even ways to creatively hide your elf in your preschool classroom below. Good luck and Happy Elfing!

50 EASY Elf Ideas for a Preschool Classroom

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