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Eco Friendly Toddler Tableware from Re-Play

I was sent eco friendly toddler tableware products to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Replay Collection

If you bring your kiddo over for a play date at our house, you’re bound to see our favorite eco friendly tableware.  I reviewed some of the products from Re-Play over two years ago!

And guess what?  We still use it daily.  No joke – these plates are used at least 2 times a day, but normally 3.  There’s a few reasons why I was attracted to Re-Play in the first place and why I keep using it day after day now.

The colors are amazing and they’ve just added in some great new shades of dark pink, purple, dark blue, and yellow.  The plates contain 3 deeply divided sections that are perfectly sized.  They’re made out of recycled milk jugs.  They’re durable, dishwasher and BPA Free!  The durability and quality are really the true reasons.  Being used daily for over 2 years, you would expect wear and tear, but these dishes still look brand new.

Replay Cups

Even better news is that Re-Play has just released two new toddlerware products in the line!  The Drinking Cups are the perfect size for little fingers that want to drink out of a “big kid” cup.  The cups are the same texture as the rest of the line which is a more textured plastic which makes it easy to grip, even for those little fingers.

One more addition to the Re-Play line are these super fun and handy Snack Stacks!

Replay Snack Cups

We’ve been using these snack cups both at home and away from home – they’re a great size for a little afternoon snack outside…

Replay Outside

And they travel fabulously, which is why I’ve been loading them with snacks for our days at Dollywood.

Replay Dollywood Collage

The Snack Stacks can be used individually or they can screw right on to each other to make a stack of snacks!

I call Re-Play a fabulous eco friendly toddler tableware option because that’s when we’re using it, but I think this line of dishes will be in our cabinets for a few more years [outside of the toddler age] to come!

You can purchase Re-Play products both online right from and at a variety of other online retailers.  Although it’s great to support these businesses, I also love that Re-Play is available to almost everyone because you can even find them in select Walmarts!  Score one for eco friendly toddler tableware!


All of the Re-Play Eco Friendly Toddler Tableware is FDA approved and made in the USA!

Laurie P

Sunday 29th of June 2014

recycled milk jugs! brilliant! I do love the colors as well, and the durability is pretty great too!

Dorothy Boucher

Thursday 5th of June 2014

wow , love this product , love that they make it easy to stack and store away and fun colors ;) thanks for share

Lesa Jones

Monday 2nd of June 2014

I find this to be a great product and so handly, love the stackability ad ease of use. greaat colors the kids will love.

Marcia Lee

Wednesday 21st of May 2014

The toddler tableware does look great. The colors are nice and the fact that they are BPA free is a must.